Breyerfest 2018 – Day 5 – Finally to Missouri

What a long, hot day it has been!  Only 320 miles and 8 antique stores, but that included several very large malls.  We were waylaid again by stores that don’t advertise hours, advertise the wrong hours or just plumb close randomly.  When pressed for time that is why we tend to stick to the large stores, they are more consistent.  We also found out that the publisher of our favorite antique travel guides (flyers like I80 across Wyoming, I70 across Missouri and the like) passed away and there is evidently no replacement.  This will be hard on travelers as we don’t know the local stores and depend on concise guides to get us where we want to go.


This was my favorite piece of the day.  Amazing vintage advertising display that moves, still works and has the original shipping case?  I was sooo tempted, it was really beautiful in person and I have never seen such a clean old display.  I love the unusual stuff, you wont see anything like this elsewhere.


This was a great show of similar and different.  First horse is the most recent, with slip saddle and very pale palomino color, also with replacement reins.  Second horse is the oldest with black hooves, low grommet snap saddle, but unfortunate added silver paint on the tack and white paint on mane and tail.  Final horse is a very poor copy, much lighter plastic and poor mold detail.  None were purchased by me, but I thought it educational to find them all together on a shelf.


This was a ‘so weird I don’t know if it is cool or not’ piece.  Someone went to a ton of work to cover this huge egg in old jewelry.  It was quite large and striking.  Haven’t seen another, but not sure if it was a good idea or not…


I also love the random juxtapositions I stumble across.  He looks like he wants to play a game of soccer and is just waiting for a partner.  IMG_7390

I debated for a bit on what to use as the last picture, I have another one that will haunt you like the crafty demon chicken, but decided to go out tonight on a pleasant note.  It was a good day for shopping, the car is full but we are tired so no pricing or pictures of our finds tonight.   Should be hot again tomorrow and a bit farther to drive, but we will be arriving at the Clarion so all tiredness will fall away with the fun and friends in the next few days.  See you in Kentucky!


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Breyerfest 2018 – Day 4 – Nebraska

Another day on the road.  About the same miles as yesterday (350), but only 6 stores.  Most antique stores close early on Sunday but luckily we get to several that are open 9AM-9PM today and tomorrow.  We found a new fun store and lots of good and great finds today.  When travelling long distance beware the time zone changes.  Today’s time change snuck by us and we didn’t notice we lost an hour.


What is rule #1 when shopping at an antique store?  Look EVERYWHERE!  Look up, around corners, down, and use X-ray vision if you have it.  I about had a heart attack when I rounded the corner and looked down towards the bottom of this shelf unit.  On the second shelf from the bottom is a Hagen Renaker Black Bisque Bull!  Very, very rare and desirable.  I carried him around the mall with me while I finished shopping and requested a special wrapping job at the check out.


Exploring to find a new store is always interesting, especially when you are under a time limit.  Stores were closing soon, do you take the dead end dirt road out to who knows where?  Mostly we do.  This time we had a good find in a new to us store called Chester’s.  Very nice stuff, and fun yard art out front to peruse.  I discovered they are making old gas pump displays out of sheet metal, nice for the enthusiast that does not have money for the real thing.


When I can I like to walk through an antique store or show both directions so I see each booth twice.  You miss a lot walking through in only one direction.  Even if you stop and turn around to see all of a booth you don’t notice many items like you would walking in the direction that you can most easily see them.  This is a good example.  I walked past this booth once facing the left side of the picture (walking from right to left) and thought I stopped and looked closely.  Since I had time, I did the row again facing the right (walking left to right) and noticed that glass and wood contraption under the small wood desk/shelf piece.  That is a very rare, unmarked, vintage Chemex coffee maker.  Coffee aficionados swear by these things and say they make the best coffee ever!  For this, they are willing to pay quite a bit.
Hope you enjoyed the day.  We are tired and not pricing tonight, so off to bed.  Hope for another good day tomorrow!

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Breyerfest 2018 – Day 2 – Wyoming

Well today was a bit shorter, thank goodness, at only 350 miles.  We did more stores though, 10 today vs. 6 yesterday.  Heat was not as bad and we even went through a short rainstorm!  I really like the stores in Wyoming, even though we only get to do Laramie and Cheyenne.


Bart’s Flea Market in Laramie can always be counted on for good finds and fun stuff.  I loved this horse and sleigh setup, but it didn’t fit in the car!  We found a large vintage lamp with original shade (of course!) to take up what little space I have to work with in the back.  There are several other good stores in town with amazing western and antiques – how do they find so much neat stuff?  Back of the Wagon and Aphrodite’s Emporium are full to the brim with amazing antiques.


We found a new store in town called Bent and Rusty.  It was quite the place, and I am not quite sure what I think about it.  It was in a large, well renovated older space and had new, old, new-old, old-new, art, and crafts all mixed in together.  It looked beautiful and prices were good to high so it was aimed at people with disposable income decorating their places in eclectic-modern-western.  I liked everything I saw, the buyer has impeccable taste, but I have never been a fan of mixing old and new in a store as it makes it hard for shoppers to know what they are buying.  Have to ponder on this one a bit.


Cheyenne also has an amazing new store, Mid Mod, which as you can tell from the name specializes in mid-century modern.  I drooled over everything.  No clue how they can find so much great stuff to sell!  There is another Bart’s, an Eclectic Elephant and Antiques Central (which closes early so we frequently miss it, but not this year!) to shop at as well which takes us into the dinner hour.


My final purchases for the last two days were very good.  There is a chalky Adios, Chalky Clydesdale Stallion, alabaster Proud Arab Foal, battleship grey elephant, Benji and a factory unpainted Pegasus as well as 14 blankets for the Breyer haul.  Then there is the mini HR black Jersey Bull.


Mom had a bunch of nice finds as well.  The folding gaming table and the mid-century lamp with shade are the best of the bunch.  The orange decanter and glasses set are quite popular as well as the 3 glass dish with server and the mermaids in the front.  We always look for old car stuff as Hot August Nights happens right after we get home so the Antique Automobile bag and the wooden station wagon with flames are perfect.

Well, tomorrow is another day, so hope the finds are fun and the drive is smooth!


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Breyerfest 2018 – on the road again

We have been driving to Breyerfest for 23 years now, I think we have the route about memorized.  First day is up early and drive, drive, drive.  We made it about 700 miles today and saw lots of sagebrush, cattle, and sky.  Don’t misunderstand, there was plenty of excitement as well – a few pronghorn and wild horses too!

IMG_7243 (2)

We made it in to Salt Lake City about 3 PM.  This is one town I haven’t gotten the handle of yet.  Seems every time we get here something doesn’t go the way we planned.  The first few years we traveled through, I-80 was closed to prepare for the winter Olympics.  Mostly I just have a hard time finding open antique stores.  This year was no different.  The shop we drove out of the way for because it advertised it closed at 5 really closed at 6 and the shop on the route that published they closed at 6 was closed when we got there at 5:30.


We did manage to get some shopping in, and bought stuff.  Not here though – as much as I enjoy a shop with more stuff than I can ever peruse I do like to buy things and the piling method of dealer display makes it hard.  No wonder the stove was not for sale, you could never get to it!


Sorry, I likely should have warned you about that picture, and not just put it in the blog all willy-nilly.  I thought I had seen the most horrifying thing when I found a pile of heads in one showcase, but this magazine takes the scarey-cake!  I don’t know what special occasion would be appropriate for that decoration – possessed-chicken day?  Pluterday?  Whoever came up with the crafting idea was not as warped as the editor that chose it for the front cover.


The lesson here is always look closely!  I like me a Schleich animal figure as much as the next person, but if you study the picture you will find the find of the day.  Found it?  Top shelf, far right side, between the front Holstein and the back two crazy MIJ cows is a Hagen Renaker mini black matte Jersey bull.  Very rare and hard to find variation.  Best find of the day is also the smallest.


It was a short shopping day, and the 105 degree heat didn’t encourage us to prolong our explorations.  We had dinner and got back on the road.  Our favorite stop is Little America, Wyoming.  The only hotel I know of that you can find on a USA map.  They have wonderful 75 cent soft serve ice cream cones that hit the spot after a long, hot drive.  We are in the hotel and too tired tonight to price, so stay tuned tomorrow for more!  And more!  And…  Well, you get the picture.

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Sunday, the Last Day of All Horses All the Time

I can’t believe how quick the time goes.  It seems just yesterday I was planning, making reservations and anticipating all the fun of Breyerfest.  Tonight, well this morning now, it is all now in the past.


Since my room at the Clarion got destroyed, we are staying in Paris this year.  I made it a point to take a different road each time we went somewhere to explore new places.  This time I found a new (to me) road to the Kentucky Horse Park.  This road comes from Lexington to the Horse Park from the south.  It was tiny and we hadn’t ever been on it  before.  After 25 years we are still finding new places and sights!IMG_4268

Something else new I learned this year is that the amazing artist Gladys Brown Edwards designed this fiberglass horse!  I knew I liked it but never knew its background.  She did lots of work for Dodge Trophy Company and other metal sculptures, as well as flat art and writing.  She specialized in Arabian horses, and her art is highly sought after.  Now I just might have to seriously look for one of these for my yard!IMG_4293

There are lots of real horses at the Horse Park (amazing, I know) and since this year was a good one weather-wise we did more touring of the park than usual.  I didn’t use words like oppressive, sultry, or bloody-disgusting so much as tepid, moderate, and relatively-decent.  In the shade with a breeze you actually could breathe without feeling too stifled, and in the sun it took more than a second or two before  you were ready to give up.  This fine fellow greeted guests along the path into the park.  He was kind enough to hang out by the gate to get pets from enthusiastic horse-lovers.IMG_4303

After leaving the park we had our first decent meal since arriving in Lexington, then did some light antiquing.  We had a trunk full already, but you never know what you will find.  Well, this time I found this uncomfortable tableaux.  The tag said they moved when you plugged them in, but since I didn’t want to find out if I was a character in a horror movie, I declined the opportunity.  We then went back to the CHIN to pack our purchases into boxes for our amazing, kind. wonderful, lovely friend to trailer back home for us.  Even though there were no fabulous finds we still managed to fill 4 huge boxes, plus another 4 items that were too big for boxes.IMG_4321

Finally, after days of horses, horse-tradin’, horse tales and horse tails we came to the end of the trail.  This is the saddest sight of the event – empty, clean hallways.  Days of fun, laughter, hi-jinks and dishing dirt done until 2018 – Off to the Races – July 13-15.  Hope to see you there!

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Three Guesses What We Did Today

We saw MORE horses!  Shocking, I know.  Saturday comes too quickly, it seems to be the most fun day as there is so much fun underway yet with an edge as we are almost done for the weekend!IMG_4147

Today I had two tent tickets, and both were drawn with low enough numbers to get my pick of the horses.  Two Indu’s and two surprise models, please.  So far since Breyer has been doing the matte/glossy split I have only drawn matte models, and my streak continued this year.  Matte pintaloosa and chestnut pinto for me.  We don’t know the final numbers yet, but there sure seemed to be a lot of matte bay pintos for sale and trade in the hotel tonight.IMG_4157

The weather was beautiful this year.  If you were in the shade it was amazing, and there wasn’t enough humidity to really kill you in the sun.  We only had to get one large lemonade and one shave ice to get through the day.  Nevertheless we went to the wonderful air conditioned visitors center to see the diorama entries.  There were so many creative entries, this was one of my favorites.IMG_4223

Sorry for the poor picture, my camera does not like the indoor arena, but I HAD to share this wonderful Haflinger drill team!  They were a great 8 member team, with the added twist of this set of 4 jumps in a + sign in the middle of the arena.  They did amazing feats of horsemanship with criss-crossing jumping in their riding pattern.  I don’t know if they invented it or this is a new trend, but I was totally impressed!IMG_4229

After the raffle there is a massive wave of people leaving the horse park for more shopping at the Clarion!  There is also a fun show over at the Alltech arena, but we chose to skip it and shop instead.IMG_4241

I didn’t get any great shopping pictures this year, so this sign will have to suffice.  I was impressed with the fun flyers this year.  There were quite a few with a sense of humor that broke up the mass of for sale and wanted posters.  I was quite happy to make more money than I spent tonight, which is always nice.  We shopped the 200s, 500s and 600s, tonight so we still managed to miss shopping in the 100s this year!IMG_4251

OK, I will share my favorite purchase of the day.  This is a Five Gaiter nightlight clock that I just fell in love with.  I love the unusual items, and this was right in my wheelhouse.  Only one more day and night for this year, so I am off to bed so I can start tomorrow with enough energy to make it through to the wee hours of Monday morning!


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Friday – More Horses – LOTS More Horses

What can I say, there are likely more horses this weekend in Lexington Kentucky than any given state in the US.  The line to get  in the Horse Park stretched all the way around the parking lot by entrance time.  I spent the day in the cool air conditioning, far away from the crowds and lines at the Alltech Arena.IMG_4040

It was Open Show Day!  This was likely my favorite collectors class display.  I love the odd stuff: nightlights, music boxes, howdahs, Kippers, and a bronze.  Major drool time.  There were over 7000 horses at the show, and if Breyer made it, it probably was here.IMG_4054

The performance classes always impress me with their detail and creativity.  Those showers are amazing- I didn’t get a picture but I admired a showers tack trunk most of the day.  Only about 12″x12″ it held about 12 saddles!IMG_4078

Like I said, if Breyer made it – it was likely here.  This has been a major grail of mine for years.  There was one for sale at Breyerfest many years ago.  I offered to trade our car for it but was turned down.  Someday…IMG_4110

What do you do after drooling over show models all day? Why go shopping for more, of course!  Again, can you tell I like the unusual stuff?  Nightlights, lamps and pen sets are my weakness.  Didn’t buy any of these, but I remember the year I came back to our room with THREE lamps!  We flew that year too and luckily the hobby is full of wonderful friends who help you out and we found some to help me get them home.IMG_4125

Finally as I was wandering the halls some posters caught my eye.  Most posters are lists of horses for sale and wanted.  These were different, they captured the hilarity of our hobby microcosm.  There were a series, each funnier than the last, and I spent quite some time looking for them.  This was my favorite.  If you are a hobbiest you will nod and smile; if you aren’t, find one to explain it to you!

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