Sunday, the Last Day of All Horses All the Time

I can’t believe how quick the time goes.  It seems just yesterday I was planning, making reservations and anticipating all the fun of Breyerfest.  Tonight, well this morning now, it is all now in the past.


Since my room at the Clarion got destroyed, we are staying in Paris this year.  I made it a point to take a different road each time we went somewhere to explore new places.  This time I found a new (to me) road to the Kentucky Horse Park.  This road comes from Lexington to the Horse Park from the south.  It was tiny and we hadn’t ever been on it  before.  After 25 years we are still finding new places and sights!IMG_4268

Something else new I learned this year is that the amazing artist Gladys Brown Edwards designed this fiberglass horse!  I knew I liked it but never knew its background.  She did lots of work for Dodge Trophy Company and other metal sculptures, as well as flat art and writing.  She specialized in Arabian horses, and her art is highly sought after.  Now I just might have to seriously look for one of these for my yard!IMG_4293

There are lots of real horses at the Horse Park (amazing, I know) and since this year was a good one weather-wise we did more touring of the park than usual.  I didn’t use words like oppressive, sultry, or bloody-disgusting so much as tepid, moderate, and relatively-decent.  In the shade with a breeze you actually could breathe without feeling too stifled, and in the sun it took more than a second or two before  you were ready to give up.  This fine fellow greeted guests along the path into the park.  He was kind enough to hang out by the gate to get pets from enthusiastic horse-lovers.IMG_4303

After leaving the park we had our first decent meal since arriving in Lexington, then did some light antiquing.  We had a trunk full already, but you never know what you will find.  Well, this time I found this uncomfortable tableaux.  The tag said they moved when you plugged them in, but since I didn’t want to find out if I was a character in a horror movie, I declined the opportunity.  We then went back to the CHIN to pack our purchases into boxes for our amazing, kind. wonderful, lovely friend to trailer back home for us.  Even though there were no fabulous finds we still managed to fill 4 huge boxes, plus another 4 items that were too big for boxes.IMG_4321

Finally, after days of horses, horse-tradin’, horse tales and horse tails we came to the end of the trail.  This is the saddest sight of the event – empty, clean hallways.  Days of fun, laughter, hi-jinks and dishing dirt done until 2018 – Off to the Races – July 13-15.  Hope to see you there!


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