Three Guesses What We Did Today

We saw MORE horses!  Shocking, I know.  Saturday comes too quickly, it seems to be the most fun day as there is so much fun underway yet with an edge as we are almost done for the weekend!IMG_4147

Today I had two tent tickets, and both were drawn with low enough numbers to get my pick of the horses.  Two Indu’s and two surprise models, please.  So far since Breyer has been doing the matte/glossy split I have only drawn matte models, and my streak continued this year.  Matte pintaloosa and chestnut pinto for me.  We don’t know the final numbers yet, but there sure seemed to be a lot of matte bay pintos for sale and trade in the hotel tonight.IMG_4157

The weather was beautiful this year.  If you were in the shade it was amazing, and there wasn’t enough humidity to really kill you in the sun.  We only had to get one large lemonade and one shave ice to get through the day.  Nevertheless we went to the wonderful air conditioned visitors center to see the diorama entries.  There were so many creative entries, this was one of my favorites.IMG_4223

Sorry for the poor picture, my camera does not like the indoor arena, but I HAD to share this wonderful Haflinger drill team!  They were a great 8 member team, with the added twist of this set of 4 jumps in a + sign in the middle of the arena.  They did amazing feats of horsemanship with criss-crossing jumping in their riding pattern.  I don’t know if they invented it or this is a new trend, but I was totally impressed!IMG_4229

After the raffle there is a massive wave of people leaving the horse park for more shopping at the Clarion!  There is also a fun show over at the Alltech arena, but we chose to skip it and shop instead.IMG_4241

I didn’t get any great shopping pictures this year, so this sign will have to suffice.  I was impressed with the fun flyers this year.  There were quite a few with a sense of humor that broke up the mass of for sale and wanted posters.  I was quite happy to make more money than I spent tonight, which is always nice.  We shopped the 200s, 500s and 600s, tonight so we still managed to miss shopping in the 100s this year!IMG_4251

OK, I will share my favorite purchase of the day.  This is a Five Gaiter nightlight clock that I just fell in love with.  I love the unusual items, and this was right in my wheelhouse.  Only one more day and night for this year, so I am off to bed so I can start tomorrow with enough energy to make it through to the wee hours of Monday morning!



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