Friday – More Horses – LOTS More Horses

What can I say, there are likely more horses this weekend in Lexington Kentucky than any given state in the US.  The line to get  in the Horse Park stretched all the way around the parking lot by entrance time.  I spent the day in the cool air conditioning, far away from the crowds and lines at the Alltech Arena.IMG_4040

It was Open Show Day!  This was likely my favorite collectors class display.  I love the odd stuff: nightlights, music boxes, howdahs, Kippers, and a bronze.  Major drool time.  There were over 7000 horses at the show, and if Breyer made it, it probably was here.IMG_4054

The performance classes always impress me with their detail and creativity.  Those showers are amazing- I didn’t get a picture but I admired a showers tack trunk most of the day.  Only about 12″x12″ it held about 12 saddles!IMG_4078

Like I said, if Breyer made it – it was likely here.  This has been a major grail of mine for years.  There was one for sale at Breyerfest many years ago.  I offered to trade our car for it but was turned down.  Someday…IMG_4110

What do you do after drooling over show models all day? Why go shopping for more, of course!  Again, can you tell I like the unusual stuff?  Nightlights, lamps and pen sets are my weakness.  Didn’t buy any of these, but I remember the year I came back to our room with THREE lamps!  We flew that year too and luckily the hobby is full of wonderful friends who help you out and we found some to help me get them home.IMG_4125

Finally as I was wandering the halls some posters caught my eye.  Most posters are lists of horses for sale and wanted.  These were different, they captured the hilarity of our hobby microcosm.  There were a series, each funnier than the last, and I spent quite some time looking for them.  This was my favorite.  If you are a hobbiest you will nod and smile; if you aren’t, find one to explain it to you!


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