Thursday – the First Big Day

Wow, I can’t believe it is only day one of official Breyerfest activities!  It is after midnight already, I have to be up at 6 AM to get ready for the open show and I haven’t done more than a smidgeon of shopping.  Time flies when you are having hobby happyness!IMG_3910

This is a pretty typical Kentucky sight.  We are staying in Paris this year to save money so we get lots of pretty sights on our way to and from the Clarion and KHP.  Miles of fences, horses, bluegrass and pretty views.  IMG_3920

We had to start the day, of course, at a Peddlers Mall.  I was overall impressed with the mall, it seemed most vendors have stepped up their game.  Most booths were similar to this one; nice merchandise nicely presented.  There weren’t any crazy-weird booths that looked like someone just dropped in a dumpster of stuff and the all-new booths were pretty minimal.  We only bought a few things, but one was a pretty big wire planter shelf unit which will be fun to get home. IMG_3925

This was literally the only shopping I have done at Breyerfest in 2 days!  I kept finding more and more stuff jumping in my basket and ended up leaving with the max limit of HR and Breyers.  Every time I looked there was new stuff popping up!  I hear tell there are more unopened boxes in the other room, so I will have to find time to stop by again this week.  IMG_3941

Finally on to Breakables – I had the privilege of judging Americanware Collectibility.  There was stiff competition in all the rings, I think each and every ribbon was hard-won.  I am not sure how many performance showers there were but I can tell you now I have never seen so many clinky horses in the performance division – those showers are a special kind of awesome.  I had a hard time picking my favorite horse, but this guy is way up there.  Thought to be the ‘inspiration’ for the Grand Wood drafter he just has attitude and adoreableness oozing out every inch.  Tomorrow is now today, so get some sleep and I will post again soon!


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