On the Road Again

I seem to use that title a lot!  Today was shopping from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to Lexington, Kentucky.  The heat and humidity has returned with a vengeance  so air conditioning and cold drinks were at a premium.IMG_3871

Now this is my kind of antique store!  Random animal statues, hunks of glass and rocks for sale and a 3 story, air conditioned antique store!   Travelling and shopping so much we see a lot of dealers ideas on what is popular and how to sell stuff.  One recent trend I question is the fad of just sticking a cool Edison-style bulb on some random antique piece and upcharging the heck out of it.  I saw a completely pedestrian jewelry box with the largest bulb I have ever seen stuck to it for a premium price.  In any event I left this place happy with a trunk full of rocks.


These guys were my favorite pieces of the day.  Beautiful condition, huge and in working order they would make a great addition to any home decor!  We didn’t buy much here, and I ponder the future of antiquing trends as there were so many reproduction pieces scattered around.  This is one reason I shop often in new discount stores, reproductions tend to show up there first so I can recognize things when I see them in an antique booth. IMG_3883

One of our favorite parts of antiquing is visiting with the shop mascots.  I didn’t disturb this one, he looked way too comfortable.  I always wonder about the impression we leave and what the shopkeepers think of us.  Here we bought a square yardstick, 70s enamelware teapot and a red hat.  We had a nice conversation and always tell the clerk we are dealers as you don’t pay tax if you plan to resell, but sometimes our purchases just seem more random than others.IMG_3884

I admire this dealer, they really went all out to give a cohesive look in their booth.  Barware is very popular and this display shows you how good it can look in your home on display!  I liked almost all the stores in Knoxville; they had great variety, good quality and some good prices.  There was one disappointment, it was billed as the largest antique store in Knoxville, but was mostly filled with new furniture.  That is the fun and luck of antiquing, you never know what you are going to find behind the shop door.IMG_3906

Finally!  We made it to the heart of Breyerfest, affectionately known to old-timers as the CHIN.  The halls were only part full of people and only about half the rooms were open, but the spirit was there.  I planned on shopping a bit but only made it to about 5 rooms before seeing so many friends and chatting so much that it was time to go already!  I love shopping (and selling) but seeing old friends and making new ones is the best part of the hobby.  Tomorrow will be a long day, so I will sign off for the night and have more stories tomorrow.


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