Breyerfest 2017 – in the air and on the road

This is a year we fly to Breyerfest which makes things much different.  I had to pack everything for sale in luggage, which made for difficult space constraints.  For an added level of difficulty we are not staying at the Clarion!  No room selling, just room buying for me.


We flew in a few days early and are doing the touristy thing in Tennessee.  First night was in Nashville and we had dinner at a fun place called the Aquarium.  Spent the whole meal watching fish swim around.  It was amazing how interesting watching a large tank of fish can be.  Our favorite was the Moray Eel who spent the whole time alternating hiding and peeing out of his den.


On to shopping!  We did quite a few antique stores and malls in the Nashville area.  This was one of my favorite – a My Pet Monster and a Pink Panther in the middle of a very nice antique booth.  This mall was behind and above a Staples store and had the biggest variety of stuff I have seen in a long time.  New and old, cheap and expensive, it was also a maze to navigate and I still don’t know if we found all of the booths.


This was one of my favorite finds.  If we hadn’t been flying I likely would have caved and bought it.  I think it combines cute, style and eccentricity in the best possible way.  I so enjoy stumbling upon the unique and interesting.  It seems in each booth there is something else fun and different to see.  This is why I love shopping at antique stores, you never know what you will find.

akhalteke book

This was my favorite find of the day.  Last stop, an out-of-the-way bookstore, mostly random romance novels – and this!  The book has so many beautiful Akhal Teke pictures, it will be hours of eye-candy to look through.  We bought quite a few things, but mostly small stuff.  A pair of shoes (pink and red vinyl high-heels), an vintage in box set of Christmas boot candles, a 70s knitting bag, an enamel bowl with a fish design.  Just random things that caught our attention.

Well, the next few days will be more touristy, but I will keep posting, so check back daily for updates!


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  1. Jo Kulwicki

    Enjoy reading your blogs! I cannot attend this year, so I will live Breyerfest vicariously through your stories. Jo

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