The Car is Full

It is only Wednesday and we just filled our last empty box.  From now on items bought will be squirreled away in whatever spot I can find, and hope we can find them again when unpacking the car.  True story: I bought a small Hartland sheep for a friend years ago when we drove a Mercury Grand Marquis (talk about space issues) and I actually lost it for YEARS.  Found it up under the passenger seat when giving the car a deep cleaning.


I think this was the most interesting choice for a discount I have seen.  Is the dealer hoping to get a laugh from customers?  Are they a mathematician and testing our skills?  Are they anti-superstitious?  It made me look a bit closer to find something to buy so I could tell the story later.  I wasn’t successful, so I took a picture!


This store has everything AND the kitchen sink!  You can blow things up and then repair or replace them.  We bought a fun cat lamp, and the place was much larger than it looked when you drove up.  The sign is true, I think they may have even had home decor tools!  They had connected 4-5 buildings so it went on, and on, and on…


This booth was 75% off!  You can be sure I closely inspected as much of the booth as possible.  I got down on hands and knees to see under tables and in the back of the bottom shelf.  Unfortunately for the dealer we are on our way home, so many things we might otherwise have bought stayed here.  I think we only picked 3 things from the booth after all that investigation.


This was on the second floor of an antique mall we used to make sure not to miss.  Many dealers have moved on, so there isn’t as much left, but I do like to check out the place.  It is an old Elks lodge with amazing room detailing and small nooks and crannies where they used to have meetings and ceremonies.  This pipe organ was restored by a local person in their garage!  I read the article about it, but didn’t notice if it was for sale – wouldn’t fit in the car, you know!


This was my (very) small selection of purchases for the day.  The HR harry has great detail and is quite early with white patch on his throat.  Three of the postcards are from the Kellogg Arabian Horse Center.  The book is illustrated by the great Sam Savitt.  Astute followers will look at the Western Horse saddle and be curious to see what it goes to.  Sorry I left the best purchase of the day in the car – a Breyer Western Horse beside the clock!  Just the saddle made it into the photo shoot.

IMG_1932Finally, mom’s purchases – small but select.  The airplanes are tin wall hangings and very popular.  The rooster on the left is Maddux, a California Pottery.  There is a Boyd yellow glass Indian toothpick holder, and Anchor Hocking Cowboy and Indian mug, a Thermo-Serv CB radio mug and Holt Howard Santa salt and pepper shakers.  The best find is a Gene Pressler print “I’m Just Lonesome” from 1933.  He was an artist and Illustrator from 1910 to 1930-ish who did amazing advertising art.  I was quite pleased to find something from this era, the colors and composition are beautiful.

Only 3 shopping days left – and lots of driving!  I likely wont post tomorrow night as we stay with family and wont have internet access.  See you Friday, with more fabulous finds!


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