Westward Ho!

I am glad to be back in the Midwest again.  It is still hot and muggy, but I just prefer the open rolling hills over the dense, tree covered acreage of the eastern US.  Off topic, but why is there a Midwest, but no Mideast?  It was a thoroughly average day, 7 antique malls, 2 states and only one box of buys for the booth.  With no amazing finds or unique views I will share a slice of an average day shopping for us.


I liked the humor of this booth owner.  They had many different items for sale, and their sign suited their merchandise perfectly.  One thing I love about antiquing is you never know what you may find.  Dolls with funnels on their heads, candy molds used as wall art or what.


Talk about juxtapositions.  A common, undesirable Breyer in a locked case with expensive porcelain and crystal.  I don’t know if this dealer only has this showcase to put items for sale, or has a unique sense of humor.  I think the price tag on the horse is more valuable than he is and the dealer certainly spent more time lettering and tying that tag than the horse will bring.


This booth was amazing.  It was actually two spaces, including the booth to the right of where I took this picture.  All the walls were covered in these plastic and metal decorative plaques.  I have never seen this many in once place.  There were a ton of really rare plaques, from cowboys to cars, cheerleaders to colonial minutemen.  I could have spent an hour looking over all the neat decorations.


Another dealer with a sense of humor.  To think up, design, and get this banner made was a lot of time and effort!  So often booths blur together when you see so many hundred a day, so when one stands out I take the time to look more closely at their wares.


I love it when a mall takes time to stand out in some way.  Again, we may go to over a hundred malls and shops on this trip, and over the years (and the later in the trip it gets) we forget stuff.  We only have a limited amount of time in a day to shop and a large number of shops to choose from.  If we can remember something – like that mall with the great old car driven by a skeleton – it makes it more likely that we will stop by.


Finally, our finds for the day.  I think mom did the best with the fall dolls on the right.  They are all unique and well made, they will catch your attention as part of a fall display later this year in our booth.  I also like the starburst tray.  Hot August Nights begins soon after we arrive home, so the more ’50s stuff we have the better.  The bracelets are faux amber,but attractive and chunky, so they will find a home quickly.  Nothing wonderful, just some good stuff to stock the booth.

With the miracles of modern technology we can keep up with our sales as we go.  We are making money, but I don’t know how much room we will have to stock when we get home as the small stuff seems to be selling best.  Yesterday we sold a ton of postcards, the day before it was jewelry, and before that it was comic books.  Hope some larger items move soon so we can put out our new finds!


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