Last day and back on the road

Awww, I can’t believe Sunday is here already.  We were up until midnight chatting and shopping then up early to pack the car.  No luggage carts, of course, so I hand-carried all the boxes, bags, luggage, and etc. to the car in the heat.  I did get to do a few fun things, however!


I obviously need to improve my photography skills, but this was my favorite of the winners of the diorama contest.  They took Mini Whinnies and turned them into a table-soccer setup!  Sooo cute!


I also attended the Hollywood Horses presentation.  It was fascinating, the author was very knowledgeable and interesting.  I have the book but haven’t had time to read it yet.  Now I totally want to get home and peruse it!  I want to find this movie with Roy Rogers and Trigger to watch, it sounds like a hoot and a half!


My final foray into the Horse Park for 2016!  Crowds were much lighter, but the heat was just as oppressive.  I really like their year signs with the celebration model silhouette.  My first was 1993 – with Grayingham Lucky Lad.  Makes me feel like an old-timer telling stories from back in the day.


THIS is why I tell everyone my #1 tip to survive Breyerfest is DON’T stand in line to pick up your celebration model!  They make enough for everyone and there are enough lines to stand in for the weekend.  Take a look when you walk by and if there is a line, keep on walking.  There are stacks of boxes still in the booth at 2 PM on Sunday!


I couldn’t resist another pretty horse picture.  I didn’t get to see any performances this year but did enjoy one walk around the stables.  The Friesians are always crowd pleasers with their shiny black coat and luxuriant mane and tail.


Final view of the Horse Park :(…  It says 98 degrees but with the humidity I think it felt like 110!  This was a cool new sign that changed with brief advertisements.  I saw a picture of the ad for Breyerfest 2017 but did not see it myself.

I am so glad we got to drive to Kentucky this year.  The sad news is that my room at the hotel is being destroyed this year to make way for a breakfast area (?!?).  I get to call the manager next week and see what they can do for me, but I sure will miss being the room in the lobby.  We saw so many first-timers who were so excited to be there.  I enjoyed being the information desk, handing out maps and answering questions.  I don’t know what I will be doing next year, but this was a great year for fun and friends!


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