Catching up with Breyerfest

It has been a whirlwind of a week!  Very little internet connectivity at the hotel + barely enough time to catch a nap = delayed postings.  Things are finally winding down and I am taking advantage of slower room sales to catch up.


First thing after arriving and unpacking it was time to lay in supplies.  Frozen dinners, fruit to snack on and ice to make iced tea were imperative.  Wish we would have found this place first to say we shopped at the Ice Cow!


We haven’t been downtown in a few years so it was fun to drive around a bit and take pictures.  The first year we visited we got out and explored this park, it is full of bronze sculptures.  The life size Thoroughbred race is amazing to walk around, how they keep those huge sculptures stable on those tiny legs is a marvel.


Finally – exploring the hotel!  Many rooms have custom decorations and mascots, this one was my favorite.  Creative  and attention getting is the hallmark of a good sign.


Next we have my favorite poster.  There were a bunch of good candidates this year, but googly-eye Alborozo won my heart.  How can you not laugh and make a mental note to find that room and congratulate the creator?


We didn’t spend a lot of time at the horsepark this year – the heat was oppressive.  I taught two classes and picked up my horses and took a few pictures.  As beautiful as the models are, the live horses are even better!  You could get whiplash looking at all the great horses at the park.  Took a ton of pictures, this one was my favorite – I owned an Arabian horse in the past and have done that braid job before and it takes a ton of time and patience to pull off.  This guy wears it well.


Finally I will share a secret with my loyal readers.  This stand is one of the most popular in the park.  I could drink a gallon of the lemonade a day.  The two white tent tops are actually one vendor selling both funnel cakes and lemonade.  The line on the left is almost twice as long as the line on the right because many people look at the signs and think that is what each line is selling.  It can be hard to use deductive reasoning in the heat and humidity, but I used the right line each time and got my lemonade much quicker!

I am off to peruse what rooms are left open for some bargain shopping!



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