Huzzah and cheers – we made it to Lexington Kentucky!  It has been a very long day, starting in Grain Valley, MO; so not a lot of shopping got done, but what we did was epic!


Here is our route to the first antique mall of the day.  It is so difficult to be behind a tractor when you can see the roof of the mall over the horizon!


I don’t usually post poorly-priced merchandise pictures, because they are so darn common, but this one made me do a double- and a triple-take.  Really?  $74 for Hobo?  Rubbed?  How about moving the decimal TWO places to the left?


I SOOO wanted to buy the Fellowship Foundry goblet – the Griffon – but the prices were around retail and I am not as familiar with their wares as I should be.  The foundry has been around since 1978 is still in business, but many designs are limited editions and long-discontinued.  Pewter has a small but devoted following but I don’t know how many collectors are in the mid-West to enjoy these pieces.


I have seen lots of vintage car hoods and grills for sale in malls, but this was the first dashboard for sale.  It was in great condition and I think would look neat over a fireplace or bar.  It was well-restored and looked like art!


This gal just made me giggle.  Her thousand-yard stare said she can see straight through you and into the 7th dimension.  The hat and pearls just are icing on the cake.  I actually checked to see if the booth was having a sale to bring the price down a bit, but no luck.  She will haunt my dreams for a while, though!

Finally – we made it!  Late, but we are completely unpacked and footloose until the grand opening of the BHR room tomorrow afternoon.  No pictures of our epic pics, as we haven’t unpacked anything but toothbrush and PJ’s.  I am dedicated to my loyal readers and had to get a post up tonight for your perusal.  Enjoy and I am hitting the hay!

Stay tuned for lots and lots and lots of horse pictures and play-by-play of Breyerfest 2016!


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