Lots and lots of shopping

Whew, today was long, fun and hot!  It started with pouring rain in Omaha, and ended with steamy, muggy heat in Grain Valley.  We did 9 of the largest malls in the mid-West, including 2 Brass Armadillos.  I think the smallest mall we stopped at advertised over 100 dealers.  With all those booths to peruse we got to see the good, the bad and the funny.  Here are some highlights.


I think this wins the award for the least likely item to wear a security buzzer tag.  The Breyer palomino Western Pony isn’t on anyone’s hot list to steal.  I think the tag weighed more than the horse.


Next we have the most interesting juxtaposition of items I have seen in a while.  Santa and his reindeer horn business.  His expression makes it clear why he had to change his suit to the color red.  Whatever transpired knocked his mustache askew. To heck with Five Nights at Freddie’s – try surviving five nights at Santa’s!


Now you have to wonder if this dealer is really in business or just rents the booth for storage.  It is in the middle of a large, rambling mall and there isn’t much in there but lumber.  The iron gate the sign is on is really cool, but you can’t get to it without entering the no-shop zone.


No, this isn’t a roadside attraction advertising a Mystery Spot, but a dealer who apparently does not believe in the law – of gravity!  I’d have looked askance at this shelf unit if there was nothing but plastic ware on it, but there is glass and pottery set deliberately on the shelves.  I don’t want to try to pick something off the shelf and lose that game of Tilt.


OK, we had enough bad and funny for a while – now on to the good!  I had a great day picking!  A Royal Worcester Eous horse head bust, Sam Savitt popcorn tin and Charlie Harper bird glasses!  I am totally happy.  The tiki tray was a cheap bonus I was so happy with my finds.


And, finally, mom’s haul.  I was tired and dropped and broke the pitcher that goes with the colorful glasses in the front, it has been a long day.  The fighting elk platter is wonderful and old, the Las Vegas tray has old casinos and looks great with the variegated pattern, and I have no idea how I am going to fit that tall 3-shelf unit in the car!  I think our favorites are a tie between the blue laying down lady figurine and the cool vintage car glasses (Jaguar, Porsche, and Mercedes).  Although the chicken trophy is a close runner up.

We likely wont have much time to shop tomorrow, as we are running behind and have to be in Lexington by tomorrow night.  We shall see what we can accomplish in a whirlwind last day on the road!


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