Horses, Batteries and More!

We started the day in Nebraska and finished the day in Nebraska.  It is quite the long state!  Only 4 antique malls today as we got waylaid by a dead car battery.  Luckily we were at our very favorite antique store in North Platte – Deja Vu Treasures.  The owners jumped our car and gave us directions to an auto parts store where they test and install batteries, then followed us there to make sure it was not something serious like the alternator that would have been impossible to repair on a Sunday afternoon.  We did make up for the limited shopping time by finding great stuff!


I was amazed by the number of horses I found at almost every place we stopped today.  It was a fun problem to have – choosing which ones to buy!


Cases and cases of horses – and it seemed at least one booth in every row had a handful.


There were china horses, metal horses, plastic horses, chalkware horses and so many metal western horse clocks I could almost swear they were sneaking around behind me, jumping from booth to booth to bemuse me.


So what did I end up buying?  12 horses, 1 Walt Disney World tray and a kidney.  As you do…  Well I am a dialysis RN, and this plastic kidney is amazing, it even splits in half to show the glomeruli and nephrons!  The chalkware horse heads are very cute, the Breyer Stablemate still in package is quite hard to find and I just love the little S&P set!  Everything but the kidney and WDW tray will be for sale at Breyerfest!  I also left 2 huge chalkware horse heads in the car as they were just too big and awkward to fit on the luggage cart into our hotel room.


Oh, and mom did quite well for herself today too!  The prices were very good, and and we found a wide variety of stuff.  The pink poodles are Lefton, and always very popular.  There were old Catalina and Reno postcards, and a great Las Vegas bowl with all the old casinos.  Some stuff we bought just for color, like the orange soap tray and the pink bowls.  The lamp will need a bit of touching up and a lampshade, but it sure is cool!

So tomorrow we have a bunch of big stores to shop in, and hope to make it at least into Missouri.  We have to be in Kentucky by Tuesday, so much driving left to do!


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