Breyerfest Trip 2016

I can’t believe another year has come around and we are on the road again.  This year was a tough one, we left a day and a half late due to my work conflicts so Friday I worked a half day (4 AM to noon) and we started driving straight from work.  I only had one days notice I could go at all, so Thursday night somehow we got our clothes, food, supplies, boxes and sale items all packed in about 3 hours!

IMG_1431Here is the Pilot, loaded with 8 full and 8 empty boxes, a full set of shelving and most things we need for the next 3 weeks.  We spent all day Friday and most of Saturday just driving.  We eat PB&J sandwiches for lunch so we don’t waste valuable shopping time doing something silly like eating.

IMG_1458Perhaps this is one reason we don’t snack much on the road.  This display was sitting next to the check out register at a gas station we like to stop at.  Luckily we had already ordered our ice cream cones or I might have lost my appetite.  The crickets came in different flavors, I remember one was sour cream and chives and one was bacon, don’t remember the one in the middle.

IMG_1465Huzzah!!!  We finally made it to an antique store/flea market in Laramie.  This wonderful VW 1963 EZ Camper could be yours!  Not ours – not enough storage space for our shopping finds.  It was amazing, and I admit to taking some detail pictures for ‘just in case’.

IMG_1489Not many finds today, but we only shopped about 3 hours and only hit 7 stores.  For us that is a very short day.  The horse clock is vintage, and was a great price, but the clock has been replaced to be battery operated.  It is still a great shelf piece.  The munchies bowls reminded me of a very valuable bit of information.  No matter how good the price, do a quick mental check on difficulty of cleaning before buying something.  Each bowl had a large price tag which was not, of course, removable.  It is only day 2 and I already have no thumbnails left.

IMG_1488The rest of our purchases – pretty random stuff.  I got the beads for a class I am teaching at Breyerfest.  The Windstone unicorn is very popular; I buy any Windstone pieces I see, they command good prices.  I have never seen an orange and green Christmas ornament before, and this one is quite scarce in general, being painted on the outside of the ornament in heavy paint and being made in USA.  Vintage halloween is always popular as well, and these pirate masks are in great condition.

So there you have it – day 1 and 2 of a 16 day adventure.  I can’t promise a post a day, I am quite tired and the sleep deficit will be accumulating as the days go on.  The weather so far is wonderful, we even ate dinner in Cheyenne outside on the plaza.  They were having a festival with food trucks, music and a tattoo contest (!) so that made for an entertaining evening.  I am looking forward to more shops and shopping as we drive east!




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4 responses to “Breyerfest Trip 2016

  1. Mary Ann Snyder

    Thanks so much for doing your blog again this year! For those of us stuck at home & having to live vicariously it’s a real treat!

  2. Laura P

    They should list that VW camper on some vintage trailer/camper sites and it would probably sell quickly. There’s a huge market out there for stuff like that. Have you tried UnDo for getting those stickers off? I use it for that and for the adhesive left on the backs of rubber stamps I take off the wood mounts, which is far stronger that sticker adhesive.

  3. Jo Kulwicki

    I always look forward to your posts and to see the neat stuff you pick up on the way. Would Goo Off or Goof Off help take off the stickers? An old hoe remedy I’ve read about is to rub the sticker with peanut butter. The oil is supposed help loosen the sticker and residue.
    Oops! That was supposed to be home remedy, not hoe remedy!!

    • Thanks for the suggestions – we do carry Goof Off and a specific sticker removal chemical, but many old stickers leave a hard glue residue that still requires some scraping. These chemicals also don’t work on plastic, as they will melt it. We do carry a large jar of peanut butter, so I will have to try that one on the next stubborn sticker!

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