Day 14 – And Day 15

After Denver we drove 474 miles and did 5 antique stores.  Then our last day was 518 miles and NO shopping!  I had no internet and no energy last night to fuss with my cell phone, and today was the just-get-home-already day, so I am combining them into one wonderful post!  Our final shopping was the wonderful stores on the way north to Fort Collins along highway 287.  We love these stores for a wide variety and great prices.


The first stop along this strip (of course) we found not one but two more metal planter stands/rolling trays.  The car was full if you can’t tell, so this was a logistics challenge.  I got one in the back and the other went into the back seat (which already held 3 others).  This made it quite challenging to get to our suitcases and the cooler for drinks.  I told mom the next plant stand would necessitate a complete unpacking of the car to rearrange, so no more purchases larger than a teacup, please!


Of course, we saw this at the next store and I giggled myself silly at teasing that I could fit it in ‘no problem’!  I have seen these wagon wheel lights before but not with all the added details of the stirrups and saddle!  Someone got very inventive.  I wonder how they got it up in the store!


I was fascinated by this display of chess sets.  I have seen lots of collections of things, but this was a first for me.  They were all different in some way.  The one at the bottom left was the Australian Outback set – the game pieces were native wildlife!

This dealer was just amazing.  So cute and inventive to reuse old rusty trash into a great display piece.  There were milk jugs, riding lawnmower seats, oil cans and more that were transformed!  I wanted to buy the booth out, but stuck to the ‘no larger than a teacup’ rule.


This was a new store to us, the place had a great presence and made you stop to explore and enjoy the storefront!  The mall was very nice on the inside as well, and seemed like they were expanding, so I can’t wait to stop again next year.

We got homesick today and just drove to make it home before dinner.  The boxes are out of the car, but it will take time to unpack and get everything into the appropriate booth, so I will post a few more times as we get everything out for sale.  Only 349 days to Breyerfest 2016!



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2 responses to “Day 14 – And Day 15

  1. Laura P

    Why so many plant stands? Glad you’re home safe and sound and all that.

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