Day 11 – The Start of Kansas

Uh, oh – only 146 miles today but 6 antique malls and one thrift store.  We had better pick up the pace if we want to get home by Saturday!  We did stop for lunch and dinner which slowed us down a bit.  I couldn’t pass up Fritz’s Train Cafe for lunch.  Your food is delivered by train!  The weather is amazing, especially considering we hear that just a few days ago it was 110 degrees with the humidity factor.


I saw this at a totally cute booth.  The dealer does mosaic work with vintage pottery bits and bobs and a few other items mixed in.  There were bird houses, candle holders, light switch plates and more.  I love the creativity and this one with the “hit the road” theme was perfect for the day.  I don’t mind malls with a few crafty booths that use vintage components.  It is neat to see what people can do with old or broken things.


This was my view when using a restroom in a mall.  So many eyes staring at you is a bit disconcerting.  It was fun while washing my hands to check out all the gentlemen.  There was one guy in the top picture that looked like he was in cammo in a room full of suits.  It made me wonder about his reputation and how he got into the club in the first place.  I am not a fan in general of having items for sale in the bathrooms, it is awkward to peek into every bathroom to check out stuff but you don’t want to miss something tucked away in there.  I have actually bought one picture from a bathroom so I do try to check them out if they are in an unobtrusive area.


This is another one of my favorite malls in Kansas City, the River Market Antique Mall.  Four floors of amazing stuff and even more creative display.  Stuff hangs from the ceilings and is tucked every which way.  I am inspired just walking around and looking at all the neat booths.  We found great items to buy which makes the trip even better.


Here are our ‘special’ purchases for the day.  These items get set aside for crafting or sales outside the booth.  Mom makes button displays from the salt shakers.  I will list the horsey items on a model sales page.  The brass horse is by Gladys Brown Edwards, a renown sculptor.  It still has the original Dodge Trophy Company label on the base!  The two horses in the front came from the same collection and have the date and location they were bought on a tiny label on the base.


These are most of our general items we bought today.  The cowboy on horse is made of china and very well done.  The glasses have a variety of race cars on them.  We always look for vintage car stuff as Reno has Hot August Nights, a classic car event, where we sell almost every car item we can find.  This event also is a general celebration of the 1950s, so we also look for stuff from that era.  Poodles are always popular with people who attend this event.  The box on the left is a post office box front that has been made into a bank.  There is a celluloid hair receiver from when women saved their hair to turn into cameos or other household art.

We love to shop Kansas and hope for at least two more days of fun here!


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  1. Leith Burgers

    I would love to know more and see more photos of the china cowboy on a horse, as well as how much you are asking for them!!!

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