Day 10 – Heading West

Well today was a nice relaxing day.  We got to sleep in until 9 AM!  Of course, I had to do all the work this morning I usually do the night before, so we got a bit of a late start.  At one point the morning it was pouring so hard the parking lot at the hotel flooded, can I make that my justification for leaving late?  In any case we are now on to the antique malls!


We shopped the St. Louis area which has several larger malls.  Mom did very well at one mall and filled a box and another bag of finds.  I particularly liked this dealer who specialized in Christmas blow-mold display figures.  They had the manufacturer and name of each mold and they were all in beautiful condition.  It is nice to see a display of these all together.


This one made me laugh.  The dealer had lots of great vinyl and even cassettes and 8 tracks.  This particular record has in tiny font above the Star Wars title “music inspired by”.  That took a lot of gumption to have the huge orange with shadow font of one licensed property and the tiny type betrays that this will not be the cantina band from Tatooine.  They also had a nice display with lots of records hanging on the walls to enjoy the design and variety.


Unfortunately our final mall was not my favorite.  I have never seen so many “no’s” unless someone gets a new puppy.  These signs lay out some of the “no’s” and finish with – enjoy your shopping experience!  On top of the poor start everything I touched had a price tag of at least twice retail.  Mom found a very few items to purchase, and luckily the car is getting full!


Here are our general purchases for the last several days.  I have a hard time picking a favorite.  The large black glass and ice bowl carrier in the bottom right has amazing glasses, the poodle tray is too cute and you just don’t find too many reasonably priced fish wall plaques.  We look for nice red hats and I think this is only the second one we have found.  Not pictured is another large metal plant stand that I didn’t feel like taking out of the car to bring up to the room and price.  It is amazing what can be fit in a Honda Pilot!


Finally here are my specialty purchases.  My favorite find of the trip is the Marshmallow BBQ with original cord and toasting sticks.  The Beswick Platypus is from the Animaland collection, and was only made 1949-55.  All the smalls are Hagen Renaker, and the chickens in particular are older and very nicely decorated.

Well, it seems I am posting a day late again as it is after midnight here.  We will see if I can get up when the alarm rings early tomorrow morning!



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2 responses to “Day 10 – Heading West

  1. Laura P

    And is the marshmallow BBQ for yourself?

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