Day 9 – Oppressive Heat

This year the heat was just punishing.  I admire all the performers and workers doing their thing to make Breyerfest come off so smoothly for us.  It was an early morning as we had to get everything into the car, check out of the hotel, get gas and get to the Horse Park for my 10 AM special run time.  There were, of course, no carts available until the very end when I had mainly empty boxes to pack, but every bit helps!


This is our last view of the wonderful Clarion Hotel Lexington that puts up with all of our craziness.  Signs taped all over the hallways, major rearranging of the room furniture and trash in the hallways are balanced by the number of rooms with no service or towels only signs on the doorway and a full bar each night.  The Denny’s next to the hotel is a last chance restaurant for us, only if the hotel is packed, pizza is over an hours wait and there is no parking to be had will we venture there.


After going through the line, we spent most of the day in the air conditioned club room overlooking the covered arena.  There were many great performances – this was a drill team doing their thing.  We were waiting for the 1 PM raffle and there was no way we were spending one more minute in that heat than we had to.  No luck in the raffle this year, but there is always next year!


We then hit the road for home.  Since there were stores open in Louisville we had to stop and do some shopping!  We found a new (to us) Peddlers Mall that took most of our time.  Just a few finds, which I can never remember to take a picture of in situ.  So this random booth picture will have to suffice for now.


I HAD to take this picture.  The fish looks far too happy living on a shelf right next to psycho pig.  I would have loved to buy the fish planter to rescue it, but the price was a bit high.  This dealer had two large tags on almost every item.  I think they wanted to be sure you did not miss the price!

We then had dinner and hit the road.  There was quite a bit of weather on the way tonight, with several sluicing downpours and lots of thunder and lightning to entertain.  We just made it into the hotel and I am wiped.  There is a mall next door that does not open until 10 AM so we will sleep in a bit and hopefully recoup some energy for the long road home.


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  1. Laura P

    Last year was pretty dang hot and it wiped me out so much I couldn’t do much of anything. I can’t imagine it being worse than that. Glad you survived without heat stroke!

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