Day 8 – Goofing off

Yay – we got to sleep in to 9:15 this morning (of course our bodies thought it was still 6:15).  A relaxing breakfast and leisurely start to the day was a nice change of pace.


We decided to head out to Shelbyville today to do some antiquing.  I loved this display of small mechanical toys and demonstrations.  One brought water up from a well and another was a sausage maker.  They were in great condition and very unusual.  This is one difference we notice, the west coast seems to have mostly vintage stuff in stores while the farther east we get the older the stuff.


This was a new store to us and totally wonderful.  A great antique mall and cafe/coffee shop/ice cream store!  Best combination ever.  Such interesting decorations and inventive signage.  We bought a great Gordon’s peanut or potato chip jar here, a sandwich and ice cream.  It was a treat as the heat/humidity was so oppressive today we needed a break.


I love taking pictures of the details of older buildings.  This old neon Frigidaire sign was amazing.  It looked like it still worked!  A bit anachronistic on the old building, but it added to the charm of this street.


I had to take a picture of this – a Hoffman Originals decanters box.  At least 4 are direct copies of Breyers and the other two are pretty close.  I have seen the decanters by themselves but never the original box.


After shopping we went to the Celebration of the Horse at the Alltech Arena.  It was a fun show, but this year it was almost all dressage set to music with costumes so not as much variety as last year.  I had a sale to try to clear the shelves and was partially successful.  I think I only have 12 horses left and perhaps one box of miscellaneous to pack up.  This is a shot of the room right now, it is almost midnight and we need to start packing!

I can’t believe it went so quick, but tomorrow is the last day of Breyerfest!  <sob>  There is another week of driving to get home, so stay tuned for more adventures and finds!


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