Day 7 – The Kentucky Horse Park

Wow, it was hard to get up this morning!  Late nights and early mornings are starting to take a toll, especially with the killer heat and humidity this year.  The odd part is that it is quite nice in the shade of a tree with a bit of a breeze, but miserable anywhere else.


Amazingly enough the drive in to the Horse Park went very smooth!  They had Highway Patrol cars directing traffic and 6 people taking money to park.  I teach a jewelry making class in the morning so it was nice in the air conditioning.  When we went outside it was like walking into a sauna.


Walking across all this asphalt to the entrance is a trial.  See the little blue dot in the center of the picture?  That is the main entrance.  The line for entry in the morning stretched from that entrance around to the left in front of the main entrance all the way past where we were parked!  There are some dedicated Breyerfest attendees!


I stood in the special tent line then walked around the covered arena.  It was packed with people!  This is a rare, almost empty moment.  We could only take about an hour of the heat and headed in to the air conditioned visitor center to watch a presentation on The Cloud Foundation, it was very interesting and nice to sit and relax a bit.


We went back to the covered arena to pick up our celebration models and check out the Vive la France Model Horse Diorama contest.  There were some really creative entries!  I wish they had more room to display them, you could tell the entrants put a ton of time and effort into their creation.  That was all the effort we could muster, so back to the room for a shower and a nap!


We finally opened the room for sales and tonight did not seem as busy as last night.  I enjoyed meeting everyone, seeing old friends and helping first timers get oriented to the most confusing hotel around.  We joke it was designed by Escher’s drunk cousin.  I did a bit of shopping in the 300s and generally had a great night!

Tomorrow we will sleep in a bit, goof off and then check out the Celebration of Horses at night.



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  1. Laura P

    I am NOT missing the heat, humidity, sun and/or thunderstorms and heavy rains one bit! I’ll stay in my nice a/c’d house, thank you very much. 😉 But I do miss seeing some of the folks back there. Give Marie and Ann a hug from me, okay? Thanks for the reports.

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