Day 6 – Breakables

Wow, it isn’t even the first day of Breyerfest and I am already exhausted.  The nice part about staying up so late/early the next day is that the internet at the hotel at least is speedy.  We got to sleep in until 8 AM (!), then mom went off to run errands (fix the car, buy groceries) while I set up the room for sale.  There is always more stuff to do than you have time for and the judges call for Breakables, the all-china and resin model horse show, came too quickly.


I had the pleasure of judging custom glaze workmanship.  These horses are glazed by an artist and fired in a kiln to achieve their finish.  This is the European Draft Stallion sculpted by Brigiette Eberl.


There were also original-finish classes.  These horses are glazed and fired at a factory and intended to be mass produced (although that definition can be as few as 5 or so horses finished identically).  This is the very rare Hagen Renaker Racehorse and Jockey, only produced for one season in 1962.  Not many were made due to the technical difficulty and fewer survive today.


Next we have a beautiful Freeman Leidy head up Circus horse.  This was a southern California pottery in operation in the 1940’s.  The did great work with a lot of detail.  Those ribbons had to be hand rolled, cut and applied individually.


The popular Artisans Showcase was open next door to the show hall.  Likely the most popular booth was the Breyer booth.  They had all the new and membership pieces on display.  This is the new mold “Bobby Jo” for the Premier collection.


I finished up the night at the Black Horse Ranch/Karen Grimm collection sale.  The room was totally full of Breyer horses from the collection, there is another booth set up at the Horsepark, and there is still most of the collection left to inventory and sell.  There are almost 10,000 pieces total.  It is so sad to lose a hobbyist, but hopefully her collection will bring joy to new collectors.

I am beat, and have to get up early to teach a class in the morning – oh wait, it is already morning!



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2 responses to “Day 6 – Breakables

  1. Laura P

    What suite did they set up Karen’s collection in? It doesn’t look like a regular room. And only one person shopping? Unless you kicked everyone out of the way when you snapped the photo. HA!

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