Day 5 – We Made It

Stats for today  – 460 miles and 5 antique stores.  Lots of driving and a few good finds.  Weather is warming up, but luckily we are avoiding all of the bad weather.  We are out of bread and had to break down and have fast food for lunch – yuck!  Next time PB and crackers will be just fine.  For dinner we discovered my new favorite restaurant, Skyline Chili in Louisville Kentucky.  They make Greek chili – with nutmeg!  Just wonderful.


On to the shopping!  We finally made it to the Green Shag Market in St. Louis MO.  I have been trying to get here for years thanks to Mr. Modtomic.  It was just as great as I imagined, a smaller shop but with really excellent dealers.  Mostly mid-mod but very creative displays and something to see everywhere.  We found one bag of treasures to buy.  This shop will go on our must stop at list for sure.


This display made me smile.  I just love dealers with a great sense of personality in their booths with the little touches that let you know they actually enjoy the business.  A great booth will always draw me in to look more closely at what the dealer has curated and chosen to sell.  A typical booth I will scan and keep going if nothing jumps at me, but one with a draw will get me to look more closely.  I always find something interesting in a low shelf or as part of a larger scene that is an extra added touch.  It helps me think of new ways to display and buy items.


This was my “I wish I had room in the car” item.  I have packed a lot of things in our Honda Pilot over the years.  Above and beyond the boxes and luggage I have fit in a 1950s manicurists table, a Victorian side table, a 5′ tall folk art carved vulture and a 4′ tall metal giraffe among the notable items.  Even with the legs off this would be a big challenge.  We will see how much I sell and how much room there is in the car going home…


For the interesting items of the day these are Arcadia salt and pepper shakers.  They were a southern California pottery in the 1950-60 time frame.  They made some tableware and are best known for their cute, tiny S&P sets.  Here we see a cake and slice, jam and bread, and slippers, pipe, watch and purse set.  So tiny it is unlikely you could fit more than one serving of salt or pepper, they are made more for show than use.  I just love the details and pairings.


And finally we made it to Lexington!  Here is the before shot of an almost empty room.  We arrived at a difficult time when there were no luggage carts available, so mom and I unpacked the entire car (15 paper boxes plus all the random boxes and bags we have accumulated and luggage) by hand.  Luckily our room is in the lobby so we didn’t have far to go, but it was still many, many trips out and back.  We have seen many friends, and heard there were rooms open, but I chose to finish this blog and get some sleep!  Tomorrow the real craziness starts and I have to be rested for a weekend of heat, humidity, lines, sales, friends, more lines, classes, shows and more lines to stand in!  Internet will be spotty, but I will keep blogging as long as I have a connection.


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