Day 4 – Another Long Day

Yowzah – another 364 miles and 8 antique stores.  We pulled in to our hotel about 11 PM so no pricing nor fabulous find pictures tonight.  The numbers are deceptive as 2 of the stores were Brass Armadillos with 375 dealers and 30,000 square feet in Omaha and 500 dealers in 42,000 square feet in Kansas City.  My theory is holding as we bought less at these two stores than the smaller ones we spent more time shopping in.



The road pic of the day is my favorite semi – the International LoneStar.  Just add wings and the power of the Schwartz for a silly movie reference.  This truck catches the eye, and I only see a handful the entire trip.  I had just mentioned that I always saw them going the other way on the highway and we never seemed to pass one on our side of the road so I could get a picture when this happened.  I have made mom get off the road and drive around back roads when I see one parked at a dealership so I can get pictures.  Just one of those things for me – love that raked-back grill!


On to views from the antique stores.  This guy was amazing, the neck articulated so you could pose the figure in a variety of ways.  He looked professionally done, but no marks or signatures.  He is an antique 19th century Black Forest piece.  I was fascinated by the carving technique, a very cool piece.  The wonder of shopping at an antique store is that you never know what you will see.


I enjoyed studying this piece as well for its composition and creation.  The body is a cast-molded hollow pottery piece, pretty standard.  The tail feathers are what makes it stand out for me.  They appear to be hand made and applied and are totally solid.  Perhaps the clay was rolled out and then hand shaped and attached, but however it was done this is a step above the usual pottery chicken.  The front weighs almost nothing but the back feels like a bowling ball.  I have no idea how they got it all to stand up and hold together in a kiln.  These touches are what make the items each individually interesting.


Next is my now tied for first place favorite antique store.  It is a totally amazing place with a wonderful, interesting, helpful owner – the Hamburg Antique Mall in Iowa won me over.  It is not very large, but packed to the gills with everything you can imagine.  From lamps and clocks to hats and frocks anything we asked for she not only had but knew where to find!  We are talking real antiques here, things you read about or see in museums.  Indeed, this store produced my now favorite find of the trip – an antique electric marshmallow BBQ!  I saw one at the Smithsonian decades ago and have been searching for one ever since.  Well, it may not qualify for antique under many definitions of the word, but from the early days of electricity it certainly qualifies for the spirit of the word.  She even had the original cord and toasting tongs!  I will share pictures as soon as I unpack.


This is a new ‘addition’ to one of our favorite stores, the Jesse James Antique Mall.  A few years ago they added an annex with more decor/antiques and now have an outdoor section.  Since it was close to 100 degrees I did not spend much time out here but we did find neat things indoors.  The new building in particular is a favorite of ours as they dealers really know how to dress a booth and use antiques in creative ways.  Each booth has a different feel as each dealer showcases different things.  From country to Victorian to steampunk you never knew what you would see from booth to booth.

Road construction is stepping up with more detours and one lane highways than we have seen so far.  Hope it wont hold us up as tomorrow we are slated to get to Lexington!  Not much shopping time tomorrow, but we do manage to cadge a few minutes for detours from the road.  We are also in QT country – our favorite gas station chain with wonderful soda/slushee fountain drinks.  The eyelids are heavy so I will see everyone tomorrow night, hopefully with more fabulous finds!




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