Day 3 – Warming Up!

Stats for today – 347 miles and 9 antique stores.  We got a late start after being up so late last night.  It is warming up, one thermometer we passed read 101 degrees!  I was struck today by the number of malls that are closed, moved, changed owners or had large renovation work done since last year.  It is a tough business that is for sure.


My road shot for the day is this truck.  We passed them twice, luckily enough, so we could get a photo.  It was a truck and trailer of large metal yard art, I just love that giraffe!  We pass lots of interesting traffic, from a Rolls Royce to a convoy of semi’s hauling telephone poles.  There isn’t much of a view to look at for a lot of the drive other than corn fields and the other traffic on the highway.


This could be my favorite find of the trip.  It is a vintage putz house, and one of the largest and most detailed I have seen.  It even lights up, has a santa inside the bottom window and a reindeer jumping out the attic window!  Putz houses became popular early in the 1900s, reached a peak in the 1950s and are still popular collectibles today.  Most are made of cardboard with glitter, snow and other decorations fancying them up.  They are usually quite small and intended for many to be displayed together in a Christmas Village.


Next is my favorite store of the trip!  Deja Vu in North Platte Nebraska wins the friendliest, most helpful owners award.  We had such fun hunting around the store and exchanging stories.  I bought quite a bit.  Don’t you just love the chalkware palomino horse head set?  I was able to give them some info on the collectibility of Breyers and may have bored them a bit with the minutae of PAM vs FAM, Western Horse saddles and different types of plastic.  In my opinion this is a must visit store.


Most of the rest of the trip was typical malls and stores.  Lots of stuff to look at but not a lot jumped out at us.  I think a part of it was that we were rushed through the afternoon trying to make it to stores before the close.  On Monday antique stores tend to either be closed or close a bit early.  I have noticed that the quicker we run through a store the less we buy.  It is hard to take the time to thoroughly look through a store when there is another one beckoning, but we will try to be more thoughtful as we look down the road.  Of course I say this the day before we hit 2 huge malls and at least another 2 larger ones.


Here is our pile of general stuff we bought today.  I tend to group items by where we are going to sell them.  So anything going to Breyerfest will be grouped in one photo, anything going to the mall in another and anything going to ebay or sold online in another.  I was most excited at finding the flower girl still with her flower parasol!  They don’t sell for much, but I have been looking for years so I was happy about her.  The metal and pink pottery wall plaque/flower pot pair were stunning on the wall and pink is always popular.  The Reno and Lake Tahoe plates also aren’t terribly pricey, but the locations were old and neat (Primadonna, Holiday Hotel, Palace Club and the Mapes) so I couldn’t pass them up.

Well, tomorrow is another day of driving, shopping, driving, shopping and so on.  I hear there is weather ahead, but antique stores are indoors so we should keep on with the hunt!


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  1. Enjoy your hunt and this time together.

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