Day 2 – Almost Tomorrow!

Wow, whatta day!  Only 354 miles today, and 9 antique and thrift stores.  The weather is holding; big puffy clouds and perfect temperatures.  We saw lots of white tail deer and pronghorn off in the distance as we were driving, but never when we had a camera ready.  Not a lot of interesting items today.  We did buy a little here and there, but nothing like yesterday.  Typical antiquing trip, you never know what you might see from store to store.


This was my most interesting sight today.  As I was walking between stores there was a horse and rider in English tack doing the passage through a fairly major intersection!  We were in Cheyenne and they are getting ready for Frontier days which made it even more odd.  Yes, it looks like they are on their way to a shootout…


This is my haul for the last 2 days.  A Master Crafter clock, 2 pieces of jewelry, a hippo, chicken, cow and donkey figurine and a beautiful koi scarf.  Most will be up for sale at Breyerfest, as long as I can find the box they are packed in by then!  The chicken is a very early piece of Hagen Renaker,and is in good condition.  Most older pottery you see that has red is over-painted on the piece.  There was no good way of getting a nice red glaze through the firing of pottery in the old days, so the red color is very fragile and can flake off easily.


This is an example of the kind of stuff we buy.  There is a Frankoma dish, kewpie dish, Fukagaway Arita plates, and a TWA plate.  We get lots of car collectors through Reno for Hot August Nights so we are always looking for car stuff, and this time we found quite a few glasses.  There is a beautiful red top syrup dispenser.  The wildlife glasses at the top middle are always popular.  The bowl and birds in the lower left corner are by Los Angeles Pottery and difficult to find in good condition.


The plane decorations are metal made by Homco, stamped 1975.  We have very popular air races  in Reno, so another popular collectible.  We buy teapots as they are trendy among brides for their bridal shower.  This one is lusterware .  The silver tray has red Bakelite handles which is hard to come by – that red color was difficult to manufacture in plastics as well as pottery and tends not to age well.

It is now actually day 3 and we have a long ways to go.  We will be late again tomorrow night as we get into an area where antique stores stay open very late.  Wish us luck!


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  1. Gayle

    Didn’t know you guys were off and on the hunt. Looks like you found some good pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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