Day 1 – Great Start

Can you believe it is that time of year already?  I can, we just drove 684 miles and shopped at 10 antique and thrift stores – just on day 1!  The weather is beautiful, cool with big puffy clouds.  There wasn’t a lot of road construction so far, only had to narrow to one lane a few times.  Enough chit-chat, on to shopping!

Always look up

We stopped first along a street with several small shops.  They all reminded me to look up!  It is amazing how much dealers can hang from the rafters!  Following the rule of you never know where you will find treasures, we bought nothing at our usual spot, but several nice things from 2 shops we haven’t bought from before.  We are putting a new/old rule into place – always ask nicely for a discount.  First shop we struck out and got the usual “I have too much into that and I don’t make enough anyway”.  Second shop was a good score with great discounts.

The strangest thing I saw today

The next shop brought the weirdest thing I have seen in recent memory.  I don’t even know what question to frame about this item.  Moving along, the shop had reorganized in the last year and although it looked substantially the same it just felt different.  Same dealers with same merchandise, but we usually walk out with a few boxes of stuff and this year was just one bag.

A hidden MasterCrafter clock

Next shop was a heavy score.  Kind of in the middle-right of the picture is a MasterCrafters fireplace clock.  I passed it at least once before noticing!  There was also a large collection of Kay Finch pottery with many pieces I have not seen before as well as a very nice 75% off booth that we found quite a few items to buy.  We were hurrying on to the next shop which ended up being closed (WHY can’t antique stores advertise hours like the rest of the world?) so we flew through this mall.  Likely we could have found more if we had spent a bit more time.

Salt Lake City thrift store

Luckily after the antique stores close thrift stores tend to stay open!  We stopped at a Goodwill with no success then found this wonderful store.  A chain by the name of Deseret Industries; I was blown away by how clean, nicely arranged and just plain huge this place was!  I could shop here for a full day.  We found lots of treasures, particularly in this dish aisle.  A Frankoma brand plate, a Kewpie plate, one hand-painted Bavarian scalloped dish, a hand-painted fiesta-style plate and a stack of Fukagawa dishes, all for $1 each!  We also found a nice set of wildlife glasses, a folk-art Scotty dog wood project from the early 1900s and several things I am forgetting right now.

We are in for the night, but didn’t arrive at the hotel until after 10 PM, so no pricing or pictures of what we bought tonight.  It will be more challenging as we go along, we see so much it is easy to forget the details in the blur from day to day.  Oh, I wont forget the wonderful dinner we had at a place called Cafe Zupa in Salt Lake City.  Great salad, sandwich and soup with a chunk of fresh bread and chocolate-dipped strawberries!  I wish this was a national chain, I could eat there all the time!

Well, off to sleep and prepare for another whirlwind of a day – stay tuned!



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4 responses to “Day 1 – Great Start

  1. Laura P

    Jeez Louise, how fast are you gals driving? Above the legal limit? How much? That’s a lot of miles as well as a lot of shopping. Although, no way would I arrive at a hotel that late (I want my sleep) and I can’t eat at fast food joints, so I’d be traveling lots fewer miles than you gals! Stay safe.

    • Well – we leave very early in the morning and get in pretty late, that plus up to 80 MPH speed limits helps! We are frugal, so we eat breakfast at the hotel, make PB&J sandwiches in the car and split a meal at a non-national chain restaurant. It makes for some fun stories for sure! Thanks for following!

  2. Jane Morehouse

    That West Trim doo dad is a set of owl face features (2 eyes and a beak) made to be threaded into macrame projects. I sold lots of that set while working at TAP plastics in 1976. They published books with animal wall hanging patterns, and sold the ceramic faces to be added in.
    Jane Morehouse

    • Thank you for the information! It makes sense now that you mention macrame – I just couldn’t for the life of me think of what sort of craft would involve this and look sane! I have probably seen this in a completed project before and it looked much better!

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