Use your camera (or phone)

It can be hard but worthwhile to learn new things and change with the times.  When I was little we had to hold still for up to one second to have our picture taken, and wait up to a few days to have it developed!  The horror!  A not-so-new technology that I am still forgetting about is my cell phone.  The cameras on these things beat the old Brownies all to heck, and there is no earthly reason not to use them.  Antiquing in particular lends itself to taking phone pictures for a variety of reasons, so hopefully by writing this blog I can get it through my thick skull to use it more often!

Breyer Fury Prancers and Hartland

Yes, you can use your phone to look up prices and reference information on the internet, but it may not always be feasible.  In this case I was in a small shop with the proprietor practically breathing down my neck.  I am not a shy person, but it would take someone totally oblivious to break out ebay and look something up in this situation.  I told him I had a friend who collected western horses and I was going to send her the picture to see if she wanted anything (yes, he asked why I took the picture).

California pottery cat

In this case I was interested in the mini cat in the middle of the picture.  This kitten could have been by a variety of different potteries and I couldn’t remember offhand which one it was.  I knew there was a website that had a nice section on Freeman McFarlin Potteries but it was going to take me a bit of looking around to find it.  Luckily I remembered to take a picture so I could look it up later.  My cell phone is useful for many things but prolonged internet searches are not the easiest to do.

California pottery horse

I took a picture this horse of for a friend who knows more than anyone rightly should on Maureen Love Mystery Horses.  I take pictures of them whenever I remember, then promptly forget to send them to her.  Well at least they are now in my files.  Perhaps I can aspire to a blog post on Lane Pottery someday!

Breyer porcelain Arabian

I took this picture because I was in the back of a larger antique mall with very few workers and this horse was in a locked showcase.  I did not want to make the horrible mistake of walking out of the mall and forgetting to buy the horse so I took a picture and texted it to myself (the things we can do with technology).  That way I did not have to walk all the way to the front (gasp!), ask for someone with a key, and then walk ALL the way back to the showcase to have it opened before I could continue shopping.  Since my phone shows that I have an unread text message (and vibrates) it was my reminder after I finished the store to return.  It was a calculated gamble, since of course someone could have come behind me and bought it before I returned but the mall was empty enough I chose to do it.

Franklin Mint dragon

Finally the horror of antique stores out in the woods enough, or in a sturdy enough building to not get internet reception.  I knew this was a Franklin Mint dragon, but had no idea what they were going for.  Take a picture and research at my leisure!  The Alameda Point Antiques Fair is notorious for poor cell reception, it can be entertaining to watch buyers searching for a signal.  This is likely one reason the show is popular with sellers, as buyers can’t looks stuff up right away.

Hope this helps others remember to use all the tools we have at our disposal nowadays.  I also hope it will help me, because I sure need it!


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  1. Jane Morehouse

    Tina – contact me after Breyerfest. I have some mid-century modern dining room chairs to sell. Other stuff too as 2.5 households are reduced to fit into 1 home. Might be something here for you. Plus I have my father’s WWII U.S.Army footlocker containing a big load of items that came back from France with him… many un-used. another footlocker full of early 1930’s photos and memorabilia. Annnnnd a fancy steamer trunk that is locked and needs to be professionally opened to peek inside. We need to talk….. Jane Morehouse

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