Five Random Antiquing Pictures

This is an idea high graded from one of my favorite bloggers (thanks Dinosaur Dracula) – I present to you in no particular order (the definition of random, I suppose) five pictures from past years antiquing trips along with the longest sentence I can remember composing for a blog post (and lots more grammar abuse)!

#1 Antiques and Fireworks

Who wouldn't love to shop here?

Who wouldn’t love to shop here?

I just LOVE these places!  Who wouldn’t be happy in an antiques mall and gifts that sells antiques and collectibles as well as antiques, T-shirts, leather goods, candles, toys and gifts?  I wonder if the sign-maker worried that antique buyers would enter, take one look at the place and leave thinking there was nothing for them here.  And, of course, fireworks!  What you can’t see behind me is the gas station convenience store I am standing in selling candy, sodas, snack goods and lottery tickets.

#2 Composition

Beautiful composition - the booth not my picture!

Just beautiful – the booth, not my picture!

Some dealers have such a wonderful sense of setting a vignette.  I didn’t notice until looking through pictures for this blog post that the bust is staring down at the stack of books.  I think it was a deliberate design choice.  This booth has wonderful setting and balance.  Look at the end table behind the bigger table; it looks like a salvaged art piece.  The lamps are amazing as are the signs in the background and several large letters.  This shows something I really enjoy about shopping in antique stores; retail stores all tend to blend together, but secondhand shops, for better or worse, stand out!

#3 Enthusiastic Greeter

He could apply for a greeter position anywhere!

He could apply for a greeter position anywhere!

While out on a long trip I miss my dogs.  This guy must have been psychic and knew I needed a doggie fix!  We actually remember and look forward to the stores with personable store pets.  The owner and Pomeranian who wear matching outfits in Nebraska, the Scottish Terrier herd in Kansas, the overly-friendly cats in Kentucky all get personal photos and generally delay one of us with a good petting for the other to find great stuff!

#4 Dinner!

A balanced meal - fruit, starch, carbs, dairy...

A balanced meal – fruit, starch, carbs, dairy…

This isn’t an every-night occurrence – but our celebration for surviving another year!  This wonderful repast is shared with friends the last night of Breyerfest.  Everyone brings something to share.  Fun, food and tall tales occupy the night instead of packing like we should be.  We have a wonderful time, although don’t ask about it early the next morning when we are sweating making the checkout time and trying to fit one last thing in the boxes to go home!

#5 Just what the heck

Mysterious antique store, entrance to another dimension?

You are about to enter another dimension.

Really.  I am not even sure where to start with this.  The bare fluorescent fixture on the beautiful coved, hand-plastered ceiling.  The very odd way this door does not seem to fit the doorway – and are there 2 doors here?  The horse picture appears to float in mid-air.  And that power-cord issue!  We see some interesting sights, and this one just stopped me in my tracks.  From decrepit old buildings to oddly-repurposed each shop has a strong personality.


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