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Day 14 – And Day 15

After Denver we drove 474 miles and did 5 antique stores.  Then our last day was 518 miles and NO shopping!  I had no internet and no energy last night to fuss with my cell phone, and today was the just-get-home-already day, so I am combining them into one wonderful post!  Our final shopping was the wonderful stores on the way north to Fort Collins along highway 287.  We love these stores for a wide variety and great prices.


The first stop along this strip (of course) we found not one but two more metal planter stands/rolling trays.  The car was full if you can’t tell, so this was a logistics challenge.  I got one in the back and the other went into the back seat (which already held 3 others).  This made it quite challenging to get to our suitcases and the cooler for drinks.  I told mom the next plant stand would necessitate a complete unpacking of the car to rearrange, so no more purchases larger than a teacup, please!


Of course, we saw this at the next store and I giggled myself silly at teasing that I could fit it in ‘no problem’!  I have seen these wagon wheel lights before but not with all the added details of the stirrups and saddle!  Someone got very inventive.  I wonder how they got it up in the store!


I was fascinated by this display of chess sets.  I have seen lots of collections of things, but this was a first for me.  They were all different in some way.  The one at the bottom left was the Australian Outback set – the game pieces were native wildlife!

This dealer was just amazing.  So cute and inventive to reuse old rusty trash into a great display piece.  There were milk jugs, riding lawnmower seats, oil cans and more that were transformed!  I wanted to buy the booth out, but stuck to the ‘no larger than a teacup’ rule.


This was a new store to us, the place had a great presence and made you stop to explore and enjoy the storefront!  The mall was very nice on the inside as well, and seemed like they were expanding, so I can’t wait to stop again next year.

We got homesick today and just drove to make it home before dinner.  The boxes are out of the car, but it will take time to unpack and get everything into the appropriate booth, so I will post a few more times as we get everything out for sale.  Only 349 days to Breyerfest 2016!



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Day 13 – Denver

Stats for the day – 125 miles (more from all the driving around we did) and 8 antique stores.  I am posting from my phone so this will be quite abbreviated.



This is was part of a great collection of old horse trophies.  They were all shapes and sizes, I wished there was a scrapbook to go with them!



Here is the sum total of my purchases for the day.  A Mortens dog, a tiny miscellaneous dog and the nicest detailed HR Cocker Spaniel I have seen.




This is a great horse purse.  Each breed has a cute representation, the quarter horse has a quarter, the Appaloosa has apples and so on.



I just love old stores like this.  The place originally had very high ceilings, but they carved out a mezzanine with a very low ceiling to create more space.

Tomorrow is our last big shopping day, wish us luck!


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Day 12 – Driving the Miles

Wow, 387 miles and 10 antique stores; and I thought it was an easy day!  We slept in a bit, I rearranged the car a bit and we hit the road.  It felt like we missed a lot of stores, but the ones we went to were usually clumped together so we could walk to several at one time.  Dinner in Colby, Kansas was amazing; a Mexican restaurant in a hotel had the best chile rellenos I have had (outside of  homemade).  We also hit another time change so we got an hour back tonight.


This Congoleum store display was wonderful.  We forget the great patterns and designs from the 1930s and 40s.  I put some amazing pink/purple Marmoleum floors in one of my bathrooms and love it.  These designs were so neat, especially the ones that looked like woven rugs.  The two ladies demonstrating their floors in the pictures at the top were very cool as well.  Who would have thought of a sheet tile flooring in the bedroom?


Next ‘find’ looked more like a prop from a horror movie, or from this angle, Cleopatra’s headdress.  There is an 8×10 photo attached showing the curler in use.  It makes me happy for innovations in beauty products!  It was a lot of work to look good back in the day.  I don’t know what you would do with this today, other than add to a crazy rumpus room decor or display in a beauty shop.


This was my favorite ‘I really want to buy them’ items of the day.  They were way out of retail price range ($40-80 per book!), but sooo cool in person.  I hadn’t seen them before, and there was a stack of 10 or so books here so I spent some time going through them.  Great art and very cool pop-up’s.  The Circus and zoo books were the best, with very intricate pop-up scenes.  I will have to keep an eye out for them in book sections in the future.


This is an example of why I do my best to always walk over and pick up every interesting thing I see.  It takes more time, but you find stuff that you would miss otherwise.  This looks like a set of beat-up Breyers, right?  I walked over and picked up each one.  The Man O War is chalky!  He has so little white that only the bottom of the hooves betrayed his secret.


Finally, our finds for the day.  The elephant is a battleship grey version and in nice condition.  The milk bottle is from Lovelock Nevada and I haven’t seen another.  The poodle lamp was in great shape, the shade was in good condition and it worked!  The pink poodle with black cat-eye glasses was a great find.  Pink poodles always sell well and this one is one of the most popular.  We have not seen a run of the mill pink poodle that was affordable this trip, so this one made us happy.

I wont have internet access tomorrow night, so unless I can figure out a way to post from my phone I will see ‘yall on Friday!

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Day 11 – The Start of Kansas

Uh, oh – only 146 miles today but 6 antique malls and one thrift store.  We had better pick up the pace if we want to get home by Saturday!  We did stop for lunch and dinner which slowed us down a bit.  I couldn’t pass up Fritz’s Train Cafe for lunch.  Your food is delivered by train!  The weather is amazing, especially considering we hear that just a few days ago it was 110 degrees with the humidity factor.


I saw this at a totally cute booth.  The dealer does mosaic work with vintage pottery bits and bobs and a few other items mixed in.  There were bird houses, candle holders, light switch plates and more.  I love the creativity and this one with the “hit the road” theme was perfect for the day.  I don’t mind malls with a few crafty booths that use vintage components.  It is neat to see what people can do with old or broken things.


This was my view when using a restroom in a mall.  So many eyes staring at you is a bit disconcerting.  It was fun while washing my hands to check out all the gentlemen.  There was one guy in the top picture that looked like he was in cammo in a room full of suits.  It made me wonder about his reputation and how he got into the club in the first place.  I am not a fan in general of having items for sale in the bathrooms, it is awkward to peek into every bathroom to check out stuff but you don’t want to miss something tucked away in there.  I have actually bought one picture from a bathroom so I do try to check them out if they are in an unobtrusive area.


This is another one of my favorite malls in Kansas City, the River Market Antique Mall.  Four floors of amazing stuff and even more creative display.  Stuff hangs from the ceilings and is tucked every which way.  I am inspired just walking around and looking at all the neat booths.  We found great items to buy which makes the trip even better.


Here are our ‘special’ purchases for the day.  These items get set aside for crafting or sales outside the booth.  Mom makes button displays from the salt shakers.  I will list the horsey items on a model sales page.  The brass horse is by Gladys Brown Edwards, a renown sculptor.  It still has the original Dodge Trophy Company label on the base!  The two horses in the front came from the same collection and have the date and location they were bought on a tiny label on the base.


These are most of our general items we bought today.  The cowboy on horse is made of china and very well done.  The glasses have a variety of race cars on them.  We always look for vintage car stuff as Reno has Hot August Nights, a classic car event, where we sell almost every car item we can find.  This event also is a general celebration of the 1950s, so we also look for stuff from that era.  Poodles are always popular with people who attend this event.  The box on the left is a post office box front that has been made into a bank.  There is a celluloid hair receiver from when women saved their hair to turn into cameos or other household art.

We love to shop Kansas and hope for at least two more days of fun here!

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Day 10 – Heading West

Well today was a nice relaxing day.  We got to sleep in until 9 AM!  Of course, I had to do all the work this morning I usually do the night before, so we got a bit of a late start.  At one point the morning it was pouring so hard the parking lot at the hotel flooded, can I make that my justification for leaving late?  In any case we are now on to the antique malls!


We shopped the St. Louis area which has several larger malls.  Mom did very well at one mall and filled a box and another bag of finds.  I particularly liked this dealer who specialized in Christmas blow-mold display figures.  They had the manufacturer and name of each mold and they were all in beautiful condition.  It is nice to see a display of these all together.


This one made me laugh.  The dealer had lots of great vinyl and even cassettes and 8 tracks.  This particular record has in tiny font above the Star Wars title “music inspired by”.  That took a lot of gumption to have the huge orange with shadow font of one licensed property and the tiny type betrays that this will not be the cantina band from Tatooine.  They also had a nice display with lots of records hanging on the walls to enjoy the design and variety.


Unfortunately our final mall was not my favorite.  I have never seen so many “no’s” unless someone gets a new puppy.  These signs lay out some of the “no’s” and finish with – enjoy your shopping experience!  On top of the poor start everything I touched had a price tag of at least twice retail.  Mom found a very few items to purchase, and luckily the car is getting full!


Here are our general purchases for the last several days.  I have a hard time picking a favorite.  The large black glass and ice bowl carrier in the bottom right has amazing glasses, the poodle tray is too cute and you just don’t find too many reasonably priced fish wall plaques.  We look for nice red hats and I think this is only the second one we have found.  Not pictured is another large metal plant stand that I didn’t feel like taking out of the car to bring up to the room and price.  It is amazing what can be fit in a Honda Pilot!


Finally here are my specialty purchases.  My favorite find of the trip is the Marshmallow BBQ with original cord and toasting sticks.  The Beswick Platypus is from the Animaland collection, and was only made 1949-55.  All the smalls are Hagen Renaker, and the chickens in particular are older and very nicely decorated.

Well, it seems I am posting a day late again as it is after midnight here.  We will see if I can get up when the alarm rings early tomorrow morning!


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Day 9 – Oppressive Heat

This year the heat was just punishing.  I admire all the performers and workers doing their thing to make Breyerfest come off so smoothly for us.  It was an early morning as we had to get everything into the car, check out of the hotel, get gas and get to the Horse Park for my 10 AM special run time.  There were, of course, no carts available until the very end when I had mainly empty boxes to pack, but every bit helps!


This is our last view of the wonderful Clarion Hotel Lexington that puts up with all of our craziness.  Signs taped all over the hallways, major rearranging of the room furniture and trash in the hallways are balanced by the number of rooms with no service or towels only signs on the doorway and a full bar each night.  The Denny’s next to the hotel is a last chance restaurant for us, only if the hotel is packed, pizza is over an hours wait and there is no parking to be had will we venture there.


After going through the line, we spent most of the day in the air conditioned club room overlooking the covered arena.  There were many great performances – this was a drill team doing their thing.  We were waiting for the 1 PM raffle and there was no way we were spending one more minute in that heat than we had to.  No luck in the raffle this year, but there is always next year!


We then hit the road for home.  Since there were stores open in Louisville we had to stop and do some shopping!  We found a new (to us) Peddlers Mall that took most of our time.  Just a few finds, which I can never remember to take a picture of in situ.  So this random booth picture will have to suffice for now.


I HAD to take this picture.  The fish looks far too happy living on a shelf right next to psycho pig.  I would have loved to buy the fish planter to rescue it, but the price was a bit high.  This dealer had two large tags on almost every item.  I think they wanted to be sure you did not miss the price!

We then had dinner and hit the road.  There was quite a bit of weather on the way tonight, with several sluicing downpours and lots of thunder and lightning to entertain.  We just made it into the hotel and I am wiped.  There is a mall next door that does not open until 10 AM so we will sleep in a bit and hopefully recoup some energy for the long road home.

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Day 8 – Goofing off

Yay – we got to sleep in to 9:15 this morning (of course our bodies thought it was still 6:15).  A relaxing breakfast and leisurely start to the day was a nice change of pace.


We decided to head out to Shelbyville today to do some antiquing.  I loved this display of small mechanical toys and demonstrations.  One brought water up from a well and another was a sausage maker.  They were in great condition and very unusual.  This is one difference we notice, the west coast seems to have mostly vintage stuff in stores while the farther east we get the older the stuff.


This was a new store to us and totally wonderful.  A great antique mall and cafe/coffee shop/ice cream store!  Best combination ever.  Such interesting decorations and inventive signage.  We bought a great Gordon’s peanut or potato chip jar here, a sandwich and ice cream.  It was a treat as the heat/humidity was so oppressive today we needed a break.


I love taking pictures of the details of older buildings.  This old neon Frigidaire sign was amazing.  It looked like it still worked!  A bit anachronistic on the old building, but it added to the charm of this street.


I had to take a picture of this – a Hoffman Originals decanters box.  At least 4 are direct copies of Breyers and the other two are pretty close.  I have seen the decanters by themselves but never the original box.


After shopping we went to the Celebration of the Horse at the Alltech Arena.  It was a fun show, but this year it was almost all dressage set to music with costumes so not as much variety as last year.  I had a sale to try to clear the shelves and was partially successful.  I think I only have 12 horses left and perhaps one box of miscellaneous to pack up.  This is a shot of the room right now, it is almost midnight and we need to start packing!

I can’t believe it went so quick, but tomorrow is the last day of Breyerfest!  <sob>  There is another week of driving to get home, so stay tuned for more adventures and finds!

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