All the Way Home

Whew, that was a whirlwind of a trip.  Over 4400 miles, 15 1/2 days and uncounted numbers of antique stores, thrift shops and flea markets.  In addition to all the Breyerfest activities: selling, shopping and socializing!  I have tons more pictures and stories to share, but here is the last for now.

Breyerfest 2014 July 17 Thursday

Our final big shopping day was Thursday; from Colby Kansas to Denver Colorado.  Not a lot of shops on this stretch of I70, we mainly drove from early morning to afternoon.  Luckily Denver is always good to us.  We found a wonderful store on Colfax Avenue that had lots of fun things at amazing prices.  If the car wasn’t full we could have filled it here!  Did I already have a favorite antiquing town?  If not, Denver is high in the running.  This picture is another wonderful Mid-Mod store, and Denver is full of them.  This one has excellent merchandise, but prices to match.  That is in the front display room, however.  Go into the back areas and you will find bargains galore.  They usually require some elbow grease, but I have bought and resold lots of things from this room for good profits.

Breyerfest 2014 July 17 Thursday hiding

Next up was our final Brass Armadillo.  (sniffle)  We had plenty of time, which was fortunate as we had been shopping so hard we forgot to eat dinner!  Luckily there was a fast-food joint down the street that gave us the energy to finish with enthusiasm.  These malls, as most malls, has a mish-mash of dealers.  True antiques in pleasant settings to what looks like essentially a ‘stuff’ storage unit.  This is a photo of one corner of a packed showcase.  I show you this so you can see how hard it can be to shop sometimes.  There is a truly fabulous find in this picture.  Likely it is in the top 2-3 of the trip.  Play a bit of Where’s Waldo and see if you can find it.  Answer is at the bottom of the post.

Breyerfest 2014 July 17 Thursday man stuff

This booth was in a store in the Ft. Collins-Loveland strip.  It had wonderful guy-stuff and this booth was a show-stopper.  It is right as you descend a short ramp so you can admire as you walk towards it.  Those antlers were a good 12 feet above the shop floor, so I don’t know how you would go about getting them down, but everything was for sale!

Breyerfest 2014 July 17 Thursday my finds

Here is a photo of my finds from this shopping day.  The water hose sprinklers were on request from a customer, the HR horses were just silly-cheap and the HR mini boxer is an early relatively rare piece.  The two elephants are Freeman McFarlin pieces.  They show a hint of color as they were cast in gloss white over a darker slip.  They were also issued by Hagen Renaker in white, and I am not 100% sure but I believe the eyes will be different colors between the two companies.  The foxes and mice I have seen issued by Hagen Renaker have more nicely-detailed eyes, while the Freeman McFarlin are a bit sloppier and more yellow.  These are unmarked so you just have to know what they are as it is almost impossible to look up ‘pottery elephant’ and find the relevant information.  In the middle bottom of the picture you see the fabulous find from the second picture of this post.  It is a Kay Finch elephant.  It is etched under one foot “Kay Finch” but pretty lightly and you have to know what you are looking at to decipher it.  It is definitely not her trademarked cute colors with curlicue decorations, so again knowledge is power.

Breyerfest 2014 July 17 Thursday moms finds

Finally, here are mine and mom’s joint finds.  The two hearts at lower left are Holt Howard candleholders with the HH gold foil sticker on the base.  The metal shelf is very popular and we can hardly keep these cute decorations in the booth as they get sold so quickly.  The teapot is from one of the English potteries, and there is a trend among brides to have tea parties as bridal showers so these sell quickly as well.  The two pineapples are the rarer of the Hazel Atlas fruit jam jars.  They were a Kix cereal promo from the 1930s.  You can’t really see the glasses, but they are etched with 1960-70 muscle cars.  We have an event in Reno called Hot August Nights, a celebration of vintage cars with thousands of participants and attendees.  Car glasses and other items from this era are big sellers for us at this time.

Well, that’s all for now.  If not sooner, hope to see you at Breyerfest 2015!


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