Kansas and cold!

Fun searching day, not many finds, but the weather is amazing!  We drove from Junction City to Colby Kansas today and shopped at about 12 stores today.  My new favorite town is Abeline.  Lots of great stores with lots to look at.  We only bought a little but our time is precious, if we had spent a day or so we could have made out much better.  Finished in 58 degree weather with wind and rain!  In July!

Breyerfest 2014 July 16 Wednesday mall

I am just fascinated by all the old buildings in old downtowns.  This store was sheathed in siding of some sort with no decorative elements on the outside, but on the inside you could still see the many large windows the building originally had.  There were some original touches still inside with pressed tin ceilings and large floor-to-ceiling (2 story!) wooden shelving lining the first floor.  I need to do some research about older shops as I am vexed by the interior design.  You can see what looks to be an original mezzanine around the perimeter of this floor.  The wood is old and solid and shows no signs of being cobbled together after the shop changed purposes.  What may not be apparent is the height of the ceiling.  From the floor I am on to the bottom of the mezzanine can’t be more than six feet, and the same for the next level.  When you walk on the mezzanine level I can bump my head on the doorways between rooms.  This seems quite odd, especially as the levels split the huge windows in half as well.  I see this design a lot in old buildings and am curious about why they build these grand 14 foot tall rooms then split them in half.

Breyerfest 2014 July 16 Wednesday shark

This made me giggle.  Perhaps this antique store jumped the shark?  You really have to look at everything in an antique store.  There is no rhyme nor reason to the layout or item placement.  Many dealers group like items together, but then must get tired of arranging and just throw the rest of the box of stuff out in the booth.  Perhaps this dealer wanted to see if customers are actually paying attention to the wares instead of just wandering about?

Breyerfest 2014 July 16 Wednesday greeters

Here is our favorite greeting committee.  We have stopped at this shop for years and seen the owners older dogs pass away and newer puppies come into the family.  I stooped to pet one and was mobbed by the others.  They are very well behaved and the owner covers the furniture they like to lay on to keep it clean if someone is interested.  I think if you shop here you probably like dogs and have a few at home, so the furniture can just be considered pre-approved by the usual users.

Breyerfest 2014 July 16 Wednesday box

Well, the car is full.  There is a narrow gap to see out the back, but other than that every nook and cranny is full.  So what do we find but a set of 8 mid-mod aqua and gold amoeba glasses and a pitcher for a very good price.  Sigh.  The dealer kindly had a box and so this now sits on top of my suitcase.  Makes it a bit harder to unpack each night into the hotel, but that is the price of a 2-week shopping roadtrip.  In past years we have emptied the cooler and used that for our purchases right at the end of the trip.  We will see how we fare this year.

Fun times, only 2 more days then back to the real world!


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