Missouri Part 1

We hit 6 antique stores today, and they were all on the larger size so we did a lot of walking.  I am not quite sure how this is happening, but it appears that we have time to be a bit leisurely shopping on our way home.  We rushed through the outward bound trip, and now the extra day on the way home really makes it feel like we can take our time.

Breyerfest 2014 July 14 Monday Open

That doesn’t mean we don’t take advantage of every minute we can!  Here we are opening a store in Illinois.  Why stores open so late, I don’t know.  There was another customer in the parking lot waiting for the store to open with us, and another 2 customers appeared right after opening.  Antiquing is quite popular!

Breyerfest 2014 July 14 Monday red hat

When shopping larger stores you have to be creative about carrying merchandise.  At least once today my arms were so full of small china figurines that I had a problem teaching the customer service agent how to carry them without clinking them together.  I have put jewelry on when I have a bunch, but then you have to remember to take it off to pay.  Since I never wear hats it is safe for me to wear the one I pick to buy around the store to keep hands free for more shopping and not damage it.  We buy lots of red hats, those ladies love to have a large selection to buy from and wear!

Breyerfest 2014 July 14 Monday booth

Large, nice displays look good and draw you in, but the merchandise inside the booth has to have good prices to encourage purchases.  We have been at stores today that were junkier than a 50 year old garage with full dealer prices, and a wonderful, elegant store with more reasonable prices.  We will buy anywhere, but most customers shop where it is comfortable and nice to do so.  The elegant store had an interior designer escorting customers around to find the perfect items for their home.  Those customers bought high-priced furniture and accessories without issues as it was fitting in that store.  I have overheard customers in the smaller stores complaining they are overwhelmed when we can breeze through them in less than a half an hour.  I have always wanted to open an antique collective where like was displayed with like instead of individual dealer booths as that is how most customers are accustomed to shopping.

Breyerfest 2014 July 14 Monday necklace

This was a most interesting piece.  I did not take the time to ask for the case to be opened and check it out closely, but I suspect it is a modern-created necklace of vintage bits and bobs.  It can be so hard to tell nowadays what is vintage and what is newly created.  People take old, unwanted stuff and make new, awesome art with it, but it can make it harder on dealers and customers to keep track of the age not only of the components but of the overall item.  Furniture buyers have had to deal with ‘married’ pieces for a long time (base and top that weren’t originally made to go together), but the current popularity of crafting with old small stuff will make future collectors pull out their hair.

Breyerfest 2014 July 14 Monday Algora

We dawdled a bit, and then found a mall that had tripled its size in the last two years and we had only allowed ½ hour shopping it!  We had to walk quickly, and I made it through the entire place, but I couldn’t stop for more than a few seconds.  50,000 square feet is a lot of space to fill and see!  This horse and rider had to come home with me, but it is a most unusual figure.  Such odd proportions and detailing!  The eye on the horse is unsettling.  I found a bull figure on ebay that I think was meant to go with this piece as a set.  It is made by Algora, a Spanish pottery and it appears they mostly do human figures.  I love finding new to me items and discovering new information.

Well, not much of interest today, hope tomorrow there are more fabulous finds to share!



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