Kentucky – We Made It!

We made it to the epicenter of the model horse world at the moment!  Five days, 2,180 miles and I lost track of the number of thrift and antique stores.  We have arrived at our destiny – the Clarion in Lexington, Kentucky.  Internet is worse than spotty with everyone trying to get on, but I will stay up until this post finally loads.

Only 5 stores today, mostly driving.  We did hit our favorite gas station – QT!  They have the best soda fountain I have seen with $0.79 huge cups you can combine anything from soda to Icees.  I like 1/2 blue icee, 1/4 soda icee, and 1/4 combo diet Dr. Pepper, cherry flavor and an energy shot.  They have menus you can go by or freestyle!

Breyerfest 2014 July 8 Sunday milk bottles

We have seen so much over the last days and learned much as well.  I used to avoid the booths that were mainly reproduction new merchandise, now I head to them first.  Collectors need to keep up with what is on the market so we don’t get taken when these pieces leave the first dealers booth and end up individually in flea markets and other dealers stock.  I was very surprised to see all the reproduction glassware.  This booth had shelves and shelves of milk bottles and Ball canning jars.  At first I assumed the dealer had just brought them in from an auction or something, but then I saw another reproduction booth with the same wares.  This is just deceptive, the milk bottles have wear on the sides to imitate their vintage counterparts and the canning jar metal parts are pre-rusted.  I am not an expert in this field so I don’t know the ‘tells’, but beware when you see these when you are out and about.  This dealer was selling them for $3-7 each and once they hit other dealer shelves prices will rise if people don’t know what they are.

Breyerfest 2014 July 8 Sunday bottle stops

Next up – anyone remember what these are?  They re-seal your soda bottle before twist-tops.  I have had some fun conversations with people in malls who don’t remember the ‘good old days’ of home hair dryers that look like you are having your brains sucked out and toasters that sat on wood burning stoves.  Just wait for the antique malls of the future where you can tell your kids what a Kindle Fire did and they can buy an old Galaxy cell phone to create a craft project with that old junk…

Breyerfest 2014 July 8 Sunday bull

This one made me giggle.  It is the Breyer Hereford as a lightning rod.  From the looks of it someone made it at home, but it is an official kit of some sort as the base reads “Robbins ??mryville, Missouri” with little lightning bolt symbols.  It was outside for quite a while as the top is crumbling, but I don’t think a lightning bolt ever hit it as it would have melted.  Just another fun, quirky item.

Breyerfest 2014 July 8 Sunday RW

We arrived at the hotel about 9 PM, checked in, and went shopping!  Not many rooms were open, mostly in the 100s.  Things will start hopping tomorrow night and become an absolute frenzy by Friday night.  As always you can find just about anything in these hallways from dog toys to Royal Worcesters!  Be careful when shopping, the entry to the rooms is narrow and bags and purses can cause dominos of crashing horses.  Many rooms are refurbished, but lighting still is inadequate for details, so smart dealers bring their own lighting when they can.

Breyerfest 2014 July 8 Sunday before room

This is a ‘before’ shot of the room.  We only brought in suitcases tonight, tomorrow will be the real work.  I think 15 large and another 15 small boxes of stuff will come out of the Pilot and be priced and displayed tomorrow.  Room will open whenever we get back from dinner, hope around 5 PM.  Hope NAN doesn’t run until midnight!


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