Iowa, Kansas, Missouri Oh My!

Sigh, power just went out at the hotel.  It’s 11:30 at night.  And I am typing a blog post.

Due to the miracles of modern technology, I will continue to type and keep my fingers crossed power and internet will be back up before I fall asleep.

We covered lots of states, not a lot of stores, but did a lot of walking today.  It was a very good stretch of highway, with 2 (!) Brass Armadillos and 3 other slightly smaller stores.  It is a tie between two malls as favorites for today.  The Jesse James has a great selection and a nice new ‘home décor’ style shop that blends old and new items.  My best finds were at St. Joseph Auctions and Antiques Market and they had the added bonus of staying after closing time while mom and I finished shopping.

Breyerfest 2014 Monday July 7 clutter

First to get the negative out of the way, I am most unhappy with the state of many of the booths in these malls.  This isn’t atypical for about 10% of the booths I saw today.  They are so cluttered you can’t see what is in the booth, the aisle way is so narrow you have to be skinny or turn sideways to get into it, and yes, there is stuff on the floor in the walkway.  This booth isn’t this messy due to neglect; it is done that way by the dealer, whether to try to maximize sales or from being overwhelmed by stock.  Either way it is a poor way to try to sell merchandise as I only give these booths a quick once over and I see many customers simply walk by.

Breyerfest 2014 Monday July 7 look up

My pro tip of the day is to be sure to look up when shopping.  Many malls have showcase sections, and dealers will place items on top of the showcase that are too large to fit in the showcase.  Many will put ‘look up’ signs on the doors of the showcase, or hang the price tag down into your line of sight.  There are interesting things up here, so don’t miss them!

Breyerfest 2014 Monday July 7 hidden horse clock

In the same idea, be sure to look down.  Check out the picture above, do you see something interesting?  Look again – inside that bookcase on the floor behind the green box is a metal western horse clock.  Eye level is prime real estate in any store, but there are a lot more places that valuable finds will hide.  Be sure to walk into booths to see behind furniture and bookcases.

Breyerfest 2014 Monday July 7 Lamp

Great find for the day #1 – Breyer Fury Prancer lamp.  This is one of the more scarce lamps, and is quite fragile with the plaster base.  This lamp isn’t in the best condition, but the horse is intact with the old rubber saddle.  The base only has a few chips and the price tag says it works great!  A very nice vintage piece.

Breyerfest 2014 Monday July 7 clocks

Great find for the day #2 – two Mastercrafter clocks!  One is the swinging couple, the other is the fireplace model.  Both are in beautiful shape, and again the price tags say they work well.  These were made in the 1940s and ‘50s, and the company that molded the components may be Hartland or Breyer, Mastercrafter simply provided the clock component itself.

Another 320 miles down, only 460 to go.  See you at the Clarion!



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