Nebraska – land of corn and antiques

Happy Sunday – luckily there are many antique and thrift stores open today so I have stuff to share with you.  Unfortunately it is hot and humid and the last store we hit did not have air conditioning (and it’s open to 9 PM) so we are beat and not up for pricing and taking pictures of today’s finds.  Only 276 miles, but 10 stores – one of which is 25,000 square feet.

Breyerfest 2014 Sunday July 6 dogs

The day started off on the wrong foot as our first store thought it was in some major metropolitan area and priced accordingly.  Those dogs were $25 each!  Played with and rubbed!  Most of the store was like that.  The S&P’s were $15-25 for a pair, jewelry started at $10 for a bracelet or earrings, and I think only one booth in the store had a discount.  We bought one thing and this is a store we usually get a box or two from.

Breyerfest 2014 Sunday July 6 lamps candleholders

We did a few more antique stores proper to see if pricing was going to hold.  We did buy a few things, but more typical was the shelf seen here.  The pair of lamps was $50 and the small metal candle holders were $25 for the pair.  This was in the back of a basement of clutter and dust.  There were cobwebs and many price tags were faded to illegibility.  I had whiplash in one store with a dollar shelf that turned up a silver plate and glass condiment set, mint with serving spoons next to a shelf of clear bottles for $15-30 each.  Next up were several thrift stores.  Again with the prices in permanent marker!  All of the thrifts we have been to display their ‘smalls’ on top of their clothes racks.  It is nice as the kids can’t reach and break things, but makes it difficult for the altitudinally challenged.  I will have to buy mom a pair of platform heels for shopping next year!

Breyerfest 2014 Sunday July 6 Georges Briard

I so enjoy seeing new to me things in stores.  This is a wonderful tea or bar table on rollers with a porcelain top designed by Georges Briard.  I have seen his smaller stuff for kitchens, but never such a large piece of furniture.  This store was all old primitive upstairs and mid-mod downstairs.  More stores, more shopping, you get the idea.  Our favorite stretch of shopping is coming up with several large stores.  We pushed on, ate dinner while driving in the car to get to our final stop of the night before they closed – the Aardvark!

Breyerfest 2014 Sunday July 6 Aardvark

This place is great!  25,000 square feet, 250+ dealers and open 9AM to 9PM 7 days a week!  Huzzah!  Mom and I have these places down pat.  I go right to the showcase section, mom heads left to the aisles of booths.  I can do the place in about 1 1/2 hour, we were there 2 hours and mom finished about 3/4 of the store – a personal record for her!  There were lots of sales and lots of great stuff, but the heat was getting to us as the mall was not air conditioned.  You do get a bit loopy after that long browsing booths.  As you go in there is a basket with note tablets and pencils to write down when you see something as the place is so large if you don’t you wont find it again!  The aisles are all named so you write down the name of the aisle to narrow down where you are looking to return to; but finding the booth you wanted, even if you write down the number, is still a challenge.

Off to bed, perchance to sleep, and another day of driving and shopping tomorrow!


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