Wyoming – Big Sky and Lots of Road

Day 2 of the cross country adventure.  440 miles, 10 stores, lots of pronghorn and cattle.  We barely made it across one state today, but at least we got a few antique stores, thrift stores and flea markets in.  This year we decided to shop at more thrift stores.  It is a strategic move, we will likely buy less but hopefully make more per purchase.  For the antique store this is a good plan, as you are selling direct to a customer who is able to pick up and see the item in person.  In my experience it does not work as well for items to ebay as those items need ‘names’ that will pop up on searches.  We shall see how the trip goes and if this pans out.

Breyerfest 2014 Saturday July 5 Goodwill

First stops were all thrift stores.  We did buy a number of items (sorry no pictures, it’s late and we are on the second floor of a hotel with no elevator.  Most of the boxes will stay in the car tonight.) and it was as I expected, mostly small, attractive, inexpensive items we will put at the mall.  I was most disappointed as these thrift stores price items with permanent marker.  The large sticky price tags are bad enough, but we left several items as the permanent marker was over a paper sticker or on cloth and impossible to remove.

Breyerfest 2014 Saturday July 5 coffee table

I was also disappointed at much of the pricing at these thrift stores.  I don’t mind them pricing items to make money, but this table was $80!  In a small thrift in a small town in the middle of Wyoming I don’t think there is a huge market for mid-century modern design, and this table had a pretty poor finish on the wood to boot!  We left many items behind as they were marked above full retail in a large city antique store.  $6 for square silk scarves, $20 for paint by numbers pictures, $10 for empty 8-glass holders.

Breyerfest 2014 Saturday July 5 purchases

We fared slightly better as we continued east, these items came from one store in Laramie.  The horse is a Hartland Quarter Horse, in 11″ Regal scale.  This mold is quite popular even in simple colors like this bay.  The glass is from a set of 1930s car glasses, and these sell well in Reno for Hot August Nights.  Red hats sell well to club members, this is a winter wool hat.  The tray is metal and enamel, and we had one in the booth that sold quickly a few years ago.

Breyerfest 2014 Saturday July 5 fox

My favorite purchase of the day was this bronze fox.  It is very well made, and signed, but I can’t quite make out the letters.  He will require a bit of research.  The expression on his face is precious and the artist was very talented.

I hope to have more photos in the future of all our purchases – including a 4′ giraffe!  Come back again tomorrow for another corny post.



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  1. linda shawhan

    LOVE the fox!!! almost all the ‘thrift’ stores around me are no longer thrifty…yes, they need to make money, but…. more and more folks shop these now (economy? value?) and a few nice buys so prices have increased. things that used to be .99 are now 2.99 and up :0( hope you have fantastic luck!!

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