On the Road Again

It’s that time of year, when I frantically search, sort, price, pack, and generally lose my mind.  For those unfamiliar with the July event of Breyerfest, it is a huge convention of thousands of model horse collectors in Lexington Kentucky.  In addition to the aforementioned event there is also the North American Nationals model horse show held in Lexington every other year (it floats to other cities in the alternate years) and Equilocity, the Peter Stone Horse festivities.  I have been attending for 22 years, and mom and I drive from Reno, Nevada to Lexington most years (this will be about our 18th or so year driving – we do occasionally have to fly).

Breyerfest 2014 Breyers packing

The stars aligned this year and we get to drive AND it is a NAN year which means the fun starts next Tuesday!  NAN runs Tuesday-Thursday, Breyerfest is Friday-Sunday and Equilocity is Thursday-Saturday.  There is so much to see and do it is nice to have more time to take everything in and have a bit of down time to recuperate between activities.  I fear I haven’t given a wonderful explanation for anyone new to the model horse hobby, so stick around and I will try to summarize.  The various events encompass real horse exhibitions, model horse shows, selling, swapping, raffles, crafts and lecture classes and more.  I will be buying, selling, teaching and swapping stories for the next 2 weeks and I hope to post daily at least a quick update.

Breyerfest 2014 Hagen Renaker packing

Driving is much more fun as I can bring a lot more items to sell.  It is also a bit more stressful as it takes over 2 weeks with the accompanying logistics issues.  First I have to go through all the for sale merchandise and decide what to take.  Some things sell well in person, some I prefer to ebay, and others go to my booth space in a local antique mall.  The family room gets destroyed for a few weeks as I dig through boxes, sort, price and pack.  Don’t forget the price tags!  Don’t forget the Haynet button!  Don’t forget the room decorations!

breyerfest 2014 horse collection

In all my free time I research the route (although after 20 years we know it pretty well).  Hotels are booked, gas stations identified (there are places where there are many miles between services so you have to know gas tank capacity or you are in for some stress when the next station is 50 miles away), antique and thrift store stops planned and a few restaurants picked.  Then everything comes together in a fury of activity the night before as everything has to be in the car for an early morning departure.  On the way out the car has some room as we bring un-made boxes in anticipation of buying stuff!

Breyerfest 2014 packing

I am writing from Wyoming tonight.  The day went quick as all stores were closed for the holiday so it was just many, many miles of driving.  Subscribe to keep up with the excitement and wish me luck for some fabulous finds to share along the way!



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2 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. linda shawhan

    so glad you are doing this! love your cross country adventure! should you decide to take a more Northern route on the way home, LMK!!! :))

  2. Heather

    Will be following you….love to see pix of your road trip! Be safe!

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