Passage to the Pacific 2012

Tonight will be a fun review and look back at the Breyer Premier event Passage to the Pacific.  Held in San Diego in the fall of 2012 this was a very limited availability event open to members of the Breyer Collectors Club.  It was held over 2 days and was pretty all-inclusive.  Transportation to and from the activities was provided along with several meals.

Passage to the Pacific 2012 Museum


The first night opened with an evening at the San Diego Museum of Natural History.  They were holding a special event on the influence of the horse on human history, and we also had the run of the rest of the museum.  After enjoying the exhibits (especially the chocolate exhibit) we had a social on the roof with food and drinks, music and a preview of the special models.

Passage to the Pacific 2012 Friesians

The next morning we were split up into two groups, with one visiting each farm in the morning, then switching after lunch.  My group started out with Friesian Focus, a wonderful ranch in the far distant San Diego foothills of Murrietta.  It was wonderfully foggy and cool, and watching the horses in the fog and quiet was enchanting.  This was an amazing and immaculate place, with grooms even dedicated to the horses manes and tails.  We got to see many horses and activities including liberty, costume, dressage, and a few lucky participants got to ride in the carriage!  The hosts were wonderful, providing music, snacks and drinks, and we had a box lunch before getting on the bus to move on to the next farm.

Passage to the Pacific 2012 Saddlebreds

The afternoon found us at the Scripps Miramar Saddlebred Ranch.  Again the hosts pulled out all the stops.  I was bowled over that they brought out all their carriages to the arena and had an expert touring them all day.  We got to dress in costume and have pictures taken with the horses, take carriage rides around the ranch, and they had out many saddles and bridles covered in show silver.  To top it off they had an entire parade just for us!  All the horses were decked out, no holds barred, from circus calliopes to full show parade regalia.  It was truly amazing.

Passage to the Pacific 2012 centerpiece


That night was a delightful dinner poolside, with prize centerpieces that were really fun.  We had a great time socializing, but since it was outdoors in San Diego in the fall the evening precipitation sent most attendees back to their rooms (or the bar) fairly early.

Passage to the Pacific 2012 waiting


That morning was the much awaited Breyer Store with special very limited models just for this event.  They assigned random numbers so your spot in line was up to chance.  There was an avid viewing gallery and customers exiting were interviewed quickly by friends to see what treasures they purchased.

Overall I had the most amazing time.  I really can’t say enough good things about the hard workers at Breyer that put this together and the good-natured hosts that really pulled out all the stops for us.  One of my favorite small touches was the incredibly cute stablemate running stallion that they had painted up to look like a lion, even to the pads on the bottoms of his feet.  I give this event an A+ for effort and achievement and will positively put their next event on my ‘must do’ list.




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  1. Jo Kulwicki

    Thank you for doing this blog. I enjoy reading it!

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