Clinky Classic 2006

I thought we would take a walk down memory lane tonight and revisit Clinky Classic from 2006.  Yikes, 7 years ago already?  Where does the time go?  Kristina and Paul Francis are the congenial hosts, entertaining a bevy of chinaheads chatting away about our favorite dirt.  This is a great show, we get to see where the magic is created and drool over in-progress sculptures and Kristinas well-curated collection.  What can you see at this show?

Clinky Classic euro chinas


Wonderful, wonderful Euro chinas!  Just wow.  A Royal Copenhagen windswept drafter, Rosenthal foal, Bing & Grondahl drafter, Pour Horse Otto, Animal Artistry mini Arabian stallion, Breyer Galaway Warrior, Lakeshore Status Symbol, what looks like a claybody custom Black Jack Davy.  What a great table of horses.

Clinky Classic Spinnaker


Spinnaker is one of my favorite horses.  Sculpted by the talented Sarah Minkiewicz for the Realistic Equine Sculpture Society he can show as many breeds and looks lovely in any color.  This one sure looks like a Leslie Kathman custom glaze, but I did not keep any records of the horses as I photographed them

Clinky Classic Roan Lady


Ahhh, such a lovely Hagen Renaker Roan Lady.  Sculpted after a Tennessee Walking Horse mare by Maureen Love this mare is just about perfect.

Clinky Classic dinosaur


This guy is totally cool.  The impressively-named Allosarus fragilis (love it!) was sculpted by Kristina Francis, and this mold won a Silver award at Wonderfest in 2003.  Incredible detail and wonderful glaze job, he is amazing in person.  Oh, but I kind of wish they had set the models down so he was chasing the Maureen Love birds in the background!

Clinky Clasic Ottopia


Finally one of the many giggles of the day – an Ottopia!  This was just after Otto was released by Pour Horse Pottery in 2005, so collectors had fun comparing the variations in glazes.  Sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz and finished by Joan Berkwitz this German Shetland Stallion has presence to spare.

A short post tonight, I will work on getting back in the swing of things.  Hope you enjoy!


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