Saturday Night Fever

Saturday, the day we look forward to and dread.  A full day of fun and shopping, but with the knowledge that tonight will be the last time to see many friends until next year.  I would say today was not quite as hot, but it was still bad enough to send many people to the first aid station and some to the hospital with heat stroke.  Stay hydrated and seek the shade whenever possible.  Not even special runs should endanger your health.

I would say tonight was much slower with fewer shoppers and far fewer sales than I usually see.  Saturday night is usually the last big hurrah with late night shopping and full rooms.  Tonight our room was never full and sales were anemic at best.  The hallways were quieter than last night and I saw people carrying fewer bags and packages than the last few days.  I actually closed early (11:30) as customers had disappeared.

For our tour today, I thought I would spotlight some vendors from the covered arena.

Breyerfest 2013 wood art horses

First up we see some wonderful wood horse art.  These pieces are hand-made by Wood Art by Eli.  He had a great booth full of a myriad of animals and flowers cut and pieced together.  Their three-dimensional nature makes them really stand out.  I particularly liked the pony in a paddock, and was quite tempted to buy this piece for some future lucky friend.  From natural to artistic he had art for every taste.  Some favorites were a pelican on an old weathered board, a hummingbird and a crazy guy with antique keyhole covers for eyes.   The artist is also president and associate publisher for TravelHost of the Bluegrass, a tourism magazine, so he is quite the busy guy!

Breyerfest 2013 Justin artistic horse

Next is pretty unique.  This is Justin the Artistic Horse.  Yes you see right, that is a horse who actually paints.  I have seen an elephant who paints in Arizona using her trunk, and Justin holds a special paint brush in his mouth to paint.  His human helper may suggest colors, but he actually applies the paint to the canvas and decides when it is done.  He had a wide variety of artwork available, all with different appearances.  Some are darker, some lighter and more open, many have hoof prints, and one looks almost like a portrait of a horse.  He is quite talented and enjoys creating new art.

Breyerfest 2013 Jane Tilton horse art

This is the quite talented Jane Tilton of Black Horse Studio.  She was very popular, offering to draw an original charcoal sketch for people of their horses.  There was a long line waiting, and she can work from something as easy as a cell phone picture of someones horse.  Her prices are more than reasonable, and even as quick worker she still had enough people on her wait list to keep her up almost all last night and tonight.  I hope she continues to come to Breyerfest to offer her talent to us, and she also has a website to take custom orders and special commissions.

Breyerfest 2013 horse purses

This booth was wonderful and I actually bought one of their purses.  Pony UP Kentucky creates original purses for the equestrian set.  Their products are all hand made, and I love the fact you can change out the purse straps for different colors and styles.  The straps are all actual horse halter leather straps and there are many fabric patterns and purse styles to choose from.  The best part is that 100% of their profits go to help retired and rescue horses.  A great product for a great cause – double your fun!

Breyerfest metal dogs and cats

Finally I will wrap up with probably my favorite vendor.  Creature Comforts by Erica is a line of hand made cat and dog miniatures created out of sheet metal.  She captures each breed personality perfectly.  I had to get a dachshund and a corgi for myself, and will likely get the Siamese cat even though I am not a cat person!  They are that perfect.  You can see the stretching cat in blue pattern in the middle of the picture.  She sells mainly to wholesale gift shops, so look for them at your favorite small retailer.

There is more to Breyerfest than new plastic ponies.  I hope you had a chance if you were there to explore the individual artist booths and chat.  They are amazing people, working hard every day to create wonderful things for us.  If you didn’t go, check out the hot links in the blog for the artists web sites.  I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did creating it!


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