After Midnight Already?

What a long day it has been.  I got to sleep in, relative to the years I used to do the Ninja Pit of Death, getting up at 7:30.  Breakfast and off to the first official day of Breyerfest.  I taught a jewelry making class from 10-12 and I think my group had a great time making a necklace and 2 key chains.  We walked around a bit but found the lines for both stores too long for my taste, so we stood in line for lemonade and a gyro instead.  Hot topic of the day was the broken cash registers that put the special run lines an hour behind.  Luckily they were back on track by my time of 3:30, so I only had to stand in the hot sun for about 1/2 hour.

Back to the hotel to open up for room sales.  I thought tonight was a trifle slower than last night, but too many people were standing in line for the swap meet.  I wanted to tell them it was the same stuff as room sales, and there was no need for another line, but I contained myself.  Since the last post was heavy on chinas, I focused on some non-model stuff for tonight.

Breyerfest 2013 Wagons

First up is the wagon master, Bill Duncan.  He had a wonderful display of everything from sleighs to hearses.  His detail is astounding and quality all the way.  These are live show quality and each part is totally functional.  He also does saddles and tack and can make just about anything you can throw his way.  Each piece is historically accurate and researched for period details.

Breyerfest 2013 Arabian costumes

Next up are some very impressive Arabian costumes.  Cary Nelson is another stickler for details, and the incredibly tiny finish work on these costumes are amazing.  She creates the whole shebang with bridles and accouterments, and from the tassels to the embroidery work they are a wonder to study closely.

Breyerfest 2013 bronze thoroughbred

Now we see a one-of-a-kind bronze piece.  This is jockey Gary Stevens on champion Point Given winning the 2001 Belmont Stakes.  Sculpted by Candace Liddy this sculpture has great detail and captures the spirit of the horse and jockey.

Breyerfest 2013 jewelry

For a change of pace you can find purses, plates and jewelry in wide variety.  There were wonderful blouses and purses by Laurel Burch, a great wooden horse head purse and the neatest cell phone purse owls.  The silver insect jewelry was very fun with spider bracelets and pins and great beaded necklaces and earrings.

Breyerfest 2013 horse furniture paintings

This was some amazing painted furniture by Morning Glory Equine Art.  Charlene Schnarr takes quality pieces of furniture and hand-paints detailed horse art onto them.  My personal favorite was a set of dining room chairs with beautiful horse scenes painted on the back.  She also had pictures, purses and decorative pieces available.  Everything was high quality and wonderfully done.

Well, I hope that satisfies a bit of Breyerfest fever, as I need to get to bed and get ready for another full day tomorrow.


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