It’s only Thursday?!?!

1 AM and I am just now sitting down to share another crazy breyerfest day.  We had to switch rooms today due to a room assignment snafu and I am now settled in to my amazing room smack dab in the lobby.  Mom and I spent the day antiquing, stocking in food supplies and setting up the room for selling.  From the time we opened our door at 4 PM to midnight the place was hopping!  I may have sold a third of what I brought!  The frenzy tonight eases my mind that I wont have a lot (if anything) to have to ship home on Monday.  Here are some highlights from the day.

Breyerfest 2013 Large Lane Horse

Here’s one for  Kristina. This guy is huge!  I doofed out and forgot to check the base for markings.  I have forgotten myself on home tours and picked things up to look at the bottom, turned over dishes in restaurants to see the mark, but do I remember to check something that is actually for sale and may be interesting?  Of course not!  This is the bent leg facing right horse, from what I can tell, the hobby version.  These were sold as bisque to hobbyists to finish on their own.   He is pretty well done for a home-painted horse, and in good condition for the fragility of the pottery used and the age of the piece.

Breyerfest 2013 Room Sales

Here I am setting up the room for sales.  I am about 1/2 way unpacked and quickly running out of room for models.  We had to fly this year, so only one set of shelves and the shipping boxes don’t stack to be able to use as shelves like paper boxes do.  It is all plastics this year, but some nice pieces made the trip.  Some old Breyerfest special runs, Palisade and Hear Me Roar from Passage to the Pacific, horses in old 1970s cardboard boxes and lots of Maureen Love classics and PAF’s.  I set up the room for shoppers to get around as easily as possible, but that wall seperating the entry from the room can be a bottleneck.  At several points there was a bit of a line to get in!  The best part of the night was meeting all the first time visitors and sharing tips to make their experience better.

Breyerfest 2013 Markin custom

These are some customs by my absolute favorite Breyerfesters.  Diane’s Designs, just down the hall in the 100s.  She does such nice work, very creative and VERY reasonably priced.  Her etchies are amazing, the appliqued horses are striking, and the little extra setups she does are so cute!  That Lassie is carrying a bucket of Coca Cola, and she has ponies with picnic baskets and the cutest Mesteno rocking horse.  I send as many people as I can to her room.  She is so sweet she hands out note pads and pens to anyone who needs them to keep track of the rooms and stuff they are looking for.

Breyerfest 2013 Janice Starr

This guy is too cute, and quite rare.  A ceramic by Janice Starr from 1990.  She sculpted, poured, and finished her models herself and was a pioneer in ceramic and customs in the hobby.  This pony was from a limited edition of 12 and is well-done even  by today’s standards.  The Laf’n Bear Genie in the background is a resin by Lynn Fraley and totally adorable.

Breyerfest 2013 Share the Love

Next we see some beautiful new pieces by Share the Maureen Love.  They are replicas from Maureens own molds, newly rescued and put back into use.  The quail are low-fired pottery and matte finish, the gull heads are more of a semi-glossy finish.  It is great to see these fine pieces of art rescued and shared with collectors.  I highly recommend these as a nice small reminder of the wonderful artistry that Maureen has created.

Breyerfest 2013 Stablemates

Finally we see something that makes me smile.  All around the edges of the picture are G1 stablemates still in original packaging.  Some have the original price tags from long-defunct stores.  There is a black card/wrong card Arabian Mare (on the Stallion card) in the upper left, lots of white and yellow backed cards, and some with the original blister back support.  These pieces are great history, I especially love the line drawings on the backs of the cards.

I am off to bed now.  I teach a jewelry-making class in the morning, work a booth and have special run times in the afternoon.  Evening will be more room sales.  Hope to share another post tomorrow night!


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