The Madness Begins

Wednesday July 17, 4:30 PM, arriving in Louisville.


There was a room snafu, so I could not set up and start selling tonight, so I had to prowl the halls shopping.  Darn!  I wandered mainly the 100’s and 300’s, so sightings are heavy on the ceramics.  Plus I am a chinahead at heart, so that is what catches my attention.

Breyerfest 2013 Pour Horse Saucy

First purchase was a Pour Horse Saucy.  She is a grey draft mare made in 1995 by Pour Horse Pottery.  Only 94 pieces were made in grey, and this horse is special as she still has her original hang tag attached.  Also purchased was a pin from the NAN Auction Committee as a thank you in 2001.  The pin is sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz Breunig and produced by Lyn Raftis.  This piece is also quite special as it is still on its presentation card in the original box.

Breyerfest Maureen Love

Here is a drool-worthy piece.  I tell everyone that you can see anything at Breyerfest and I submit this a proof.  What is it?  A piece of art that Maureen Love sculpted and finished, then enjoyed in her yard as yard art!  I can’t believe this is still in such great shape from sitting out in southern California weather for decades, but there you are.  Never intended for retail sale this is an example of an artist creating for themselves and it is wonderful it was rescued and is being preserved.  With permission from Maureen Love’s estate some of her amazing sculptures are being recreated released for collectors to enjoy.  Please visit Share the Maureen Love blog for more information on these incredible pieces.

Breyerfest Hagen Renaker

Next up we see another rare piece, the Hagen Renaker Little Horrible Napoleon Bat.  This line was only produced in 1958 and 1959 and the pieces were sculpted by Nell Bortels.  They have cute names and came with folded cards with a line drawing and bit of explanation.  This particular piece was never produced by the company for retail, so this guy is either a test or a small run created before the decision not to go ahead with it was made.  For more information there is an incredible Hagen Renaker Museum online, with more information here: Hagen Renaker Little Horribles.

Breyerfest Lamps clocks

Here we see what many collectors come for, a room with an amazing variety of stuff for sale.  We can see Breyer Ranchcraft woodgrain lamps, Western horse next to and on clock, Fury Prancer with clock and on plaster lamp base, crystal Espirit, and Porcelain Adriano as well as a Maureen Love Running Horse and a Hagen Renaker re-release King Cortez.  This room was full of a huge variety of items for sale.  From Hagen Renaker Disney pieces to Beswick Jumping Horse the shelves were full.  There has been exhaustive research done on the Lane Ceramics releases of Maureen Love Sculptures here: Lanes Merge Ahead.

Breyerfest china horses

Finally I will leave you with a drool-worthy table of stuff for sale.  Many Animal Artistry pieces including the 2000 Holiday Special Friesian mare and foal vignette.  There is a North Light Friesian, Hagen Renaker Morgan Foal Roughneck and mini Zebra baby, and medallions sculpted by Jenn Danza.  What drew my attention was the fine bone china Valor Thoroughbred Stallion in glossy bay, produced by Alchemy for Thomas Bainbridge.  Only 21 total were made, 7 of 3 different colors.  This is a very rare guy to see in person.



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2 responses to “The Madness Begins

  1. Heather W.

    Love sharing the ceramic hunt with you! Who is the lady in the pic with the Saucy? I hope you bought the bat…way too cool!! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Heather W.

    • The lady is across the hall, but I totally forgot to ask her name! I remember what horses she had for sale, though…
      Three guesses who bought the bat. It will be in the HR online museum soon and is moving to Florida.

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