Breyerfest Preparation

21 days to Breyerfest?  When did that happen?!?!?

I usually take 2 weeks off work and drive to Kentucky with mom and shop at antique stores the whole way out and back.  Due to issues this year I will be flying.  That makes things both easier and more difficult.  I get a bit more time to prepare and don’t have to plan the logistics of the drive, but it will be a challenge getting all the for sale inventory out there.

This is the horse room this morning:


I spent today cleaning, inventorying and pricing everything.  This is a better shot of what is planned to come for sale:


Tomorrow will be packing everything I can into boxes to ship and to go on the flight as checked baggage.  They must have changed the dimensions since the last time I flew.  I used to use Gateway computer boxes, but they are far too large for the luggage allowance nowadays.

Since I am constrained by space, larger items likely will not come to Kentucky this year and will instead go to the antique booth.  I thought I would give my readers a look at some of these pieces.  If you are interested let me know and we can talk price, delivery in Kentucky only!


Freeman McFarlin Mr. Fox and Eagle.


Freeman McFarlin Cat and Cockatoo (Kay Finch design).

ImageI thought the horse was Brayton Laguna, but now can’t find the reference.

The vase is Wade from England.


Breyer Dunning Ranchcraft lamps – woodgrain Family Arab Foal and bay Clydesdale Stallion.


Probably homemade glossy Brahman lamp.


These are totally cute home-painted pottery mule wall plaques.


Here is another shot of what is coming to Breyerfest for sale.  Highlights include: Palisade the Clydesdale mare from Passage to the Pacific, Mosai the Artisans Hall jumper, Canadian Mountie on Fury prancer, Davy Crockett on Fury Prancer, buckskin mustang with dorsal stripe, Mego, Rejoice, Bold, Vintage Club smoke Five Gaited (22/500), Vintage Club buckskin Fighting Stallion (22/500), Hidalgo, Silver Wolfe, Savannah Dial, Espirit, Equinox, and more!  If there is something you must have let me know, if space gets tight some things will have to be left home.



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7 responses to “Breyerfest Preparation

  1. Belinda

    How much are you asking for Palisade?

  2. Belinda

    Checked my email & spam and haven’t gotten anything yet. Maybe try Facebook? I’m Belinda Myers-Mannino
    Thanks for your trouble!

  3. Where will you be selling your models at Breyerfest?

  4. You’re one dedicated seller for sure! Thanks for sharing this look at your selling and traveling adventures. I’ll be back for updates 🙂

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