Welcome and a Contest!

Welcome to the Horses, of Course blog!  This is a new adventure for me, so thank you for coming along for the ride.  I hope to create a place that will be just like the rooms at the Clarion at Breyerfest in July – there will be stuff for sale, information, news, and fun.  I welcome ideas, suggestions and feedback, so let me know what you want to see here.

A bit about myself.  I have been collecting since I was 8, attended my first show in 1991 and have attended every Breyerfest since 1993.  I started selling models soon after I started attending Breyerfest and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  My primary interest is in history and have a bit of a knack for finding the rare and unusual.  From a herd of Designers Workshop cats that got bought in Salt Lake City and sold at Breyerfest last year to a Hartland horse-over-the-clock with original hang tag that is coming to Kentucky this year for room sales; I hunt out the treasures and want to share my knowledge and tips with you, my new readers.

In my opinion, the more information we share, the better for everyone.  I was in a store buying a mini Hagen Renaker Morgan stallion when the dealer told me she had bought two horses, but the other had a broken leg, so she threw it away.  I panicked, and actually got the dealer to go through the trash and find the otherwise mint mini Hagen Renaker Morgan mare and her leg, which was a clean break.  I did a quick educational seminar on model horses and gave her some internet resources to help.  We will lose many rare pieces if we keep knowledge to ourselves in search of only cheap fabulous finds, so go forth and help preserve history.

I will start my blogging career with a contest.  I think it will be a fun and popular way to get the word out there is a new resource in internet-town.  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your barber and your dodge ball team.  What can you win?  Your choice of models in the latest collection I bought, pictured below.  Only one entry per person please.


What is the contest?  Find the ceramic model in the picture below and email me the name of the model.  I will run the contest through June 15 at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.  You may email your entry (plus your information on how you want to be contacted should you win) to me at christinaldils@gmail.com.  I will write the names of all the entries with correct answers on slips of paper, shuffle them around and pick one at random as a winner.  I will contact the winner and make arrangements for shipping your prize later that night.


Like I said this is a new adventure for me, so let me know what you want to see.  I have some plans and ideas and I want to provide value for you.

The most fun will be my trip to Breyerfest in July.  I will post my prep work getting ready for the trip and show – including sneak peeks of for sale items.  As I travel I will share my adventures, and fabulous finds.  I will live tweet interesting stuff I find in the stores, so go follow me on Twitter @ChristinaDils.



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2 responses to “Welcome and a Contest!

  1. Sharron Dunning

    I absolutely love reading your blog as you and your Mom travel along! I am looking forward to your writing. Good Luck and God Bless.
    Sharron Dunning, Texas

    • Thanks, I had fun posting to Breakables last year, this blog and twitter format this year hopefully will enhance the trip! This way I can post things as I find them instead of from the hotel at night.

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