Breyerfest Day 15 – Colorado

We are almost home!  We shopped the Ft. Collins flea market strip then hit the road for the beginning of two long days of driving.  It was 486 miles of driving after our 5 stores of shopping.  Tomorrow will be a longer drive with less shopping, but we will see what we find.IMG_7810

Remember to always look up.  Sometimes you have to look WAY up to see stuff.  I like dealers that hang strings with the price tag at the bottom to catch your attention.  Since this display was broken and the car was full I chose not to ask for a price check.  The price tag looked pretty faded so I wont be surprised if it is still there in the next couple of years when we pass through.IMG_7835

Remember to always look down.  This was at the back of the second shelf from the bottom of a very full case.  I admit, I likely would have passed by and not asked for the showcase to be opened if the brown Thoroughbred mare had not had that scratch over her eye.  That scratch however told me volumes.  This horse is solid brown so it is difficult to see without turning her over, but the scratch revealed she was a base coat chalky horse.  It pays to know the details and spend the time and effort to look past the easy stuff.IMG_7841

I saw this several times in the past few days and am not sure I approve of the trend.  Dealers were taking glass jars and filling them with inexpensive ceramic miniature figures.  I don’t think someone would buy it to display this way, the jar wasn’t interesting and the pieces inside weren’t related to each other.  You can’t see everything in the jar and obviously there was breakage.  If you have a bunch of small cheap things to sell I think just bagging them and putting them in a basket for some inexpensive price is a much better way to go.  I actually bought quite a few smalls this way, as I could see them better and pick the ones I wanted.IMG_7846This was just a fun display in a booth in the mall.  I loved the person that is taking random metal objects and turning them in to pumpkins, they were very cool.  Dunno about the car door or the mattress frames, but the customer in line behind me bought carpet remnants and the one in front of me bought wood clamps so these stores sell a bit of everything.IMG_7861

Oh how I loved this booth!  I spent quite a bit of time browsing all the fun stuff.  The signs are very popular and I’d love to find a set of snow shoes for the booth.  Well, the shopping was good but there is lots of driving yet to do!


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Breyerfest Day 14 – Made it to Colorado

Whew, that was a fun day!  We only did 5 antique malls and 235 miles but it was our favorite shopping town (I say that a lot).  The only disappointment was our favorite mall has gone to an ‘ask an associate for a discount’ policy.  Since there are no workers roaming the aisles and the counter is pretty far away it translates to a no discount for us.  We bought way less than usual, but did still find a few bargains.CC0DB955-6C34-4EE3-AB71-83F950024096This dealer had a sense of humor.  The spider is new, but they were randomly scattered around the booth to good effect.  I’d like to hang around nearby and see the effect on shoppers.BFD12F77-3B1F-484E-99D3-857800C2B0E3This booth was really put together very nicely.  The rug is just stick on carpet squares but it draws in your attention and makes everything look better.  It is a simple idea that packs a big effect.EC8C1CDD-EAAA-48CA-BBDE-EF357C8917FDPro tip- if you like the art of Charlie Harper but don’t like the prices, many of the posters he did for the US Park Service are still available for reasonable prices.  His art is available on smaller items like glasses and postcards, but I bought one of his posters and had it nicely framed and it makes a great addition to my collection.E2438A71-9A6C-40B1-A781-B003DB4C03D2This shelf made me do a double and a triple take.  I normally scan past shelves of old tools and metal but the price tag caught my eye.  It says this is a vintage Arabian Horse Kellogg Challenge trophy.  This is misleading.  The trophy inscription reads “Challenge Trophy – D. E. A. – 1953 – Mr. & Mrs. O. M. Kellogg.  The famous Arabian owner was W.K. Kellogg who died in 1951.  Research thoroughly before buying!FEDEBF0B-BA03-4128-BF39-ECFB0314E638When you are in a large mall it is good to stand out in some way to catch customers attention.  This dealer has a sense of humor!  I did stop and browse so it worked!  Only two more days to go on our trip this year…

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Breyerfest 2018 Day 13 – still in Kansas

Wow, I think Kansas is almost as big as Nebraska!  We won’t be out into Colorado for another day.  Today was 264 miles and 12 antique stores.5DB3A54E-E007-47BA-BD03-845B62503CBELots of wonderful stuff, low tin ceilings, basements and attics, even a few dogs to pet.  The heat and humidity was brutal, but luckily most stores had air conditioning.C2855E8D-C92F-4274-B3D6-BC6D2D2CCC5DThe towns were fun to photograph too.  Lots of old buildings and interesting architecture.  I love it when the buildings are reused, this one would be a a great option.4D38672C-320D-42B4-A762-9B29085931ABThis was in a new business in an old building.  It looks like they tore down the original wall to expose the older exterior wall of the business next door.  You don’t often see ghost signs inside of buildings.23A25DB1-5932-4752-8A5F-81A3E64AF03FThis was another fun reuse idea, puting small Christmas balls in a kerosene lantern.  I’d have chosen another shade, but that’s me.  I take so many of these pictures of interesting reuse ideas I will have a long and full retirement trying them all out.08D2E7D6-11C5-4D7E-B50E-F7164ED4C02AThis was an interesting display of small shelves and bric-a-brack.  I know decor is going more for the clean, modern look but for a collector this is a more fun way to display pieces than just in shelves.  I don’t know how many shelves they sell, but it drew me over to look and study for more time than just scattering them about the shop.  Now it is on to Colorado!

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Breyerfest 2018 Day 12 – Into Kansas

We are slowing down and the shopping is picking up!  Mom and I love Kansas.  Great shopping along the way.  We started the day just outside Kansas City and barely made it to Manhattan.  Only 150 miles and 6 antique stores today.


Miracles of modern technology.  A Compact Disc Jukebox.  The designer tried to do futuristic retro but didn’t quite hit the mark.  I wonder if we will ever see an MP3 Jukebox.IMG_7677

This is the kind of booth mom aspires to have.  She wants to be a vintage glasses dealer.  She is well on her way, we bought 2 more sets today!  We just need to get the stylish buffet display for them, all we have is standard shelving units.IMG_7686

My favorite view, stores with aisles that go on and on, in an old building where you can’t predict where you are going next.  This is one of the charms of antique stores.  Those in old markets or warehouses are OK, but the rambling building where you can explore and pretend that no one has ever made it back to where you are is part of the fun.


As much as I enjoy variety in a booth, I am flummoxed as to who would buy roof vents at an antique store.  They aren’t stylish or vintage.  I could be wrong and some designer will take them and make them the next hot display item, but color me doubtful.


I absolutely loved this wall of suitcases.  They are colorful, interesting and even provide insulation if you did it against a west facing wall!  You see them all over the place, pretty cheap, so this likely costs less than something like wainscoting or crown molding and looks 10 times as neat.  I admire whoever looked at this wall originally and thought – You know what this wall needs?  Suitcases.  Lots and lots (and lots) of suitcases.


It was a good day for shopping!  We love the colorful divided serving dishes, you rarely see them in such fun colors.  The race car decoration is newer, but the car buyers will love it for their home decor.  The Duesenberg glass was a great find, we rarely find such good car glasses.  The covered wagon toy is perfect for someones western theme decor with a fun touch.  Nothing amazing, just lots of good stuff that will sell quickly.  We will be in Kansas for another day, with only one empty box.  Either I need to find Mary Poppins carpet bag or we will only be buying postcards and cufflinks for the rest of the trip…

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Breyerfest 2018 – Day 11 – across Missouri

We are back on the road again!  It was a short driving day at only 245 Miles, but 5 nice large antique malls.  The weather is still hot and muggy we even had a bit of rain in the evening.

659CC8AA-261B-4882-801D-3FFFCA185F41This was my favorite art of the day.  The booth had great old junk and the proprietor had such a great idea!


There have not been a lot of sales this year, which I hope is a good thing as the dealers are doing well.  This picture, however shows that shoppers do pay attention to stock in the booths.  I took an almost identical picture 2 years ago of almost the same herd of horses on the same shelf to show a rare Misty.  This is why Mom and I are constantly rotating stock, rearranging the booth and evaluating prices, so things don’t sit for 2 years.

3A8D943A-775A-44B9-AE9D-DA9F5AB3CEC8I stood and pondered this booth for a bit.  Everything here was grey/ silver, black and white.  Except the album – Culture Club ‘Color by Numbers’.  Dealer commentary?  Random chance?  Another dealer joke?

24630B02-A570-4F3D-9B7C-DCA50AC6257FIt was a short day for mileage, but the malls were large.  We got to the last one with one hour to close.  For the first time in a very long time I was not able to finish a store!  It didn’t help that the mall had no air conditioning and it was 97 degrees with 70% humidity, but we won’t be back for a year so I was a bit disappointed.


I am quite excited to share our purchases!  We found lots of cars for the Hot August Nights shoppers, vintage airplane glasses and cocktail shakers.  I had to buy the junk truck and trailer in the back but I got a chalky Classic Arabian Foal with it.  Best find of the day was the Little Red Riding Hood Plastic wall plaque.  They are designed by Disney artist Mary Blair and are very scarce.  Hope the next few days have more great finds!

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Breyerfest 2018 – Day 10 – Leaving Kentucky

*Sniffle* Sunday is always the saddest day.  Fun with friends at breakfast in the morning with goodbyes and well wishes for safe travels home.  Then comes the least favorite part, packing the car.  Somehow there is never more room available after selling for 4 days then when we arrive.  Only 3 empty boxes – mom can fill that in one day!


What do we doe for the next 6 days?  Shop!  We made 325 miles and 4 antique stores today.  The flea markets in Louisville were quite fun this year.  This fellow caught my eye, but there wasn’t enough room in the car, he would have had to ride on the roof.


We don’t have flea markets and peddlers malls on the west coast like we see in the mid west.  I always enjoy the mix of old, new, and crazy.  This booth was quite nice, but the owner may play a bit of Dark Souls.


I did like this bit of creativity.  Reusing common old items and making them in to something useful is a good thing and this mirror with shoe forms is a nice example of the art form.  IMG_7575

Some of our purchases for the day.  The Kentucky Derby glasses are very common and inexpensive for the newer years here, but will sell well in the west come Derby time.  We have Hot August Nights coming in to town when we return so the old woodie station wagon car was a good find.  The Kay Finch choir boys were cheap because the ink stamp on the base was illegible and the dealer evidently did not do their research.  We found a herd of old 1950s poodles in a 50% off booth and those will also sell quickly.  The next few days have our favorite stores, so hope shopping will continue to be good!

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Breyerfest 2018 – day 10 – More Horses!

Man, today was hot!  It was hot and muggy and we just couldn’t stay at the Horsepark all day today.  We arrived around 11 and just the walk in from the parking lot was a trial.


We stopped in at the Saddlebred museum for some air conditioning and thoroughly enjoyed their renovations!  They have new floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Horsepark and so many George Ford Morris paintings I could have spent the afternoon there.  They are doing more work and I cant wait to stop by again next year.


I think the heat was affecting everyone today.  I had to laugh in the special run line when I saw this setup.  Luckily I had only one special run tent line ticket since I couldn’t have stood in that line once more.  I was sweating buckets in the shade and felt like I was going to melt in the sun.  We tried to watch some performances in the covered arena but only made it through a Frisbee dog routine before heading back to the car.


One thing I was happy to find at the park was the Sergeant Reckless statue.  The mare was a Korean War hero.  It is a wonderful story and I am glad to see her honored by a memorial.  There are great statues and stories all over the park, I enjoy discovering new ones.


I think this cartoon summarizes this year pretty well.  The 4 stages didn’t take too long to go through.  I feel like the time breezed by because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.  There were so many friends, stories and moments that just winked past.  It has been a very quick 4 days and I will be sad to go.  Tomorrow is packing and back on the road.

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