Day 13, 2019, More Kansas

Wow, we did 15 antique malls yesterday, but only bought one thing.  Times are changing and it is interesting to watch the differences (and similarities) in stores over the years.


There are many nice booths of cool stuff, well-arranged.


There are still booths with shelves of smalls, mostly covered in dust.


Old stores with several stories of booths.


Lots of piles of things.


Corners with stuff grouped by theme.


And low-ceiling attics with narrow aisles between rows of furniture and decorative tchotchkes.

Hope we find more to buy today!



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Day 12, 2019 – Kansas!

Kansas is one of our favorite states to antique shop and it did not let us down!

7F2E4866-FE2A-43A9-A6D6-4D47C59EE844Lots of fun shops with fun and unusual stuff, well-displayed.

CD392855-7A43-4C73-A0E7-30E9207A621DI have seen bottle trees, but not a bottle chandelier like this – although I think the cupid looks disapproving.

73232309-1817-4D5F-B5E2-BB7DB4CDE797Everton needs a crazy alligator head for their home!


This was one of the nicest dinette sets I have seen, the chairs had and embossed boomerang pattern!

87E952F3-BAFF-4883-BD21-F95DF6ACC5FEA sobering reminder of the reason antiques and collectibles can be rare – they can be broken!


Finally, our favorite booth – the discount room!

One more day in Kansas, hope it is as good as yesterday!








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Day 11, 2019 – Missouri, again

Today is a random day as my brain hasn’t recovered from Breyerfest.


I would have entered for this contest SO FAST!  I read a book as a kid about a girl with a horse in her garage.


This was a great rodeo print that didn’t fit in the car.

647C7820-84A2-4626-9479-9420A452A0EEThis was an amazing Hartland set with Roy Rogers and Trigger – and the hangtag!!!  Full retail plus price or he would have come home for sure.

90881457-E55F-4878-BE26-CD568EFFED5BAn unusual, ornate lamp with sombrero hat shade and carnival horse in the background.


Molly Hatchett and Frank Frazetta make a great pair.

343EC8D2-89EF-494F-8EBB-02CA6600CF9ECool splatter pottery horses.

Yes, I still have horses on the brain, the ‘normal’ blog photos will resume shortly…




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Day 9 and 10, 2019 – Breyerfest!

Wow, that went quick!


Big horses

41341E21-F9D2-48A7-A702-C033C936CFDFLittle horses

0A93BAB0-E2D8-46BE-9EE3-B619A1E1B9D1Bronze horses

B8CA77EB-3C75-4D1B-97AB-C85CB5FB1AF2Standing in line to buy horses


Rooms full of horses

E97F353F-80FA-4B67-887C-CE431CA5C15CI’m exhausted!

Time to get on the road home…






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Day 8, 2019 – Breyerfest Live Show

Yep, I am crazy enough to show at the live show.


In my opinion this was clearly the most awesome Collectors Class display.

1F8755FE-A5B2-4CDD-B368-AC744E78B4E1A very creative performance entry.


I am not a custom collector, but I thought this guy was cool.


This is one of my grail horses!  So cool to see.


More cool vintage pieces- it’s what I love and take the most pictures of.


Big prizes for little horses.


I didn’t do too bad (one more horse was out in callbacks) considering there were 170-ish showers and over 7000 horses at the show!  I think I will just bring a mini show string from now on, much easier to pack around!




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Day 7, 2019 – Breakables!

Clinky goodness!


Original Finish Americanware Designers Workshop Hagen Renaker Cowboy on Cutting horse sculpted by Maureen Love.

BF13A11A-7195-4A27-B062-68A737022722Original Finish Euroware Royal Worcester Princess Anne & Doublet sculpted by Doris Lindner.


A wonderful custom glaze on a Goebel galloping horse.


Yes, China showers do performance!


Fun classes!  A lovely set of Pour Horse pins.


Finishing up with a wonderful Francis Eustis Arabian artist proof.















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Day 6, 2029 – Made it to Kentucky!

I promised all horses all the time for the next few days so here we go!

1C7F4F99-8EE6-4B3F-8300-7F7DB123B2B6I wouldn’t have even glanced at this guy by himself, but this packaging was too awesome!


This wagon team was great!  I haven’t seen a set of such small china horses harnessed in such a nice setup before.


I have seen copies by this company before (although I don’t know what it is) but not this particular horse.  He is probably the cutest horse they make.


I wanted to buy this horse SOOO much!  He really wouldn’t fit in the car though.  He is a very early coin-operated horse by Scientific Mfg  in New York.


These zebras have the longest ears I’ve seen in my life!


This was my great purchase of the trip.  The Breyer donkey in a very rare bay color variation.

Come back tomorrow for more hunky horses!




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